Friday, May 30, 2008

Someone Read My Blog Yesterday!

Shout out to Louise! Thank you for commenting! Now I don't feel so much like I am talking to myself. I don't like talking to myself. I think most people are uncomfortable with it. I think that is why when people are alone in the house, they like to have the t.v. or radio on even if they are not paying attention to it. I can't do that because I talk back to the television. Seriously, after being married less than a month, my husband insisted on no more watching McLaughin Group. Now to get my weekly screaming and yelling out I have to watch Smackdown. My husband doesn't care for professional wrestling either, but men seem to think it is more normal to yell at the television over sports than politics. I was brought up yellling at the t.v. all the time. In my home growing up, my parents wouldn't yell at each other, but Morton Kondracke was another matter altogether. So you can imagine what my neighbors would think of me, knowing that I am home all alone with my mom, if I was yelling "You B****!" at Joy Behar as she interrupts Elizabeth Hasselback, or "Don't be stupid!" at Elizabeth Hasselback when she says something completely irrevelant to what they are talking about (John McCain does not fit into every hot topic. Maybe not even luke warm topic.) They would think I am abusing my poor, old wheelchair bound mom. So thanks Louise, I appreciate not talking to myself. Have a great day!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chain Letters Can be sooo annoying...

I am supposed to die on Monday. At least that is what a chain e-mail I received says. It states that if I don't pass this on within 7 days, I will die. Now, in the cosmic scheme of things, I will die whether I pass it on or not, just not in 7 days. I am a Christian, so I normally don't believe in these things, but I received a bad luck e-mail that I deleted on the morning that I found out my mom would never walk again. People who care about me don't want me to blame myself, and they insist it was just a coincidence. In my head I believe them, but my heart won't let me delete these things anymore. I can't bring myself to pass it on either. I can't allow myself to curse someone else so that I won't be cursed. I should not be afraid to die. I must examine my conscience, repent of my sins, and be ready to stand before the Lord. If I do that, then no matter what happens Monday night, that curse will be turned into a blessing!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Long time, no see!

I haven't written in a while because I have the feeling no one is reading anyway, since I never get any comments. I know, started out saying this was for me, and now I complain that it is just for me. Go figure, I am inconsistent! I do read and comment on other people's blogs. Maybe I'll make a cyberfriend that way!