Monday, September 22, 2008

What Do Dreams Mean?

I don't like to get overly caught up in my dreams. I realize that sometimes I dream what I dream because that is what I was thinking about when I went to bed, or dinner did not agree with me, or I'm too close to the edge of the bed. You know what I mean. But every so often I get a dream that doesn't fit with the explanations, and it is a dream that sticks with me. I know, I'm not unique, we all get those. This is when I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something my conscious doesn't want to hear. And then my conscious gets all curious and desperately wants to know what the subconscious seems to want to tell, but the subconscious only speaks in broad symbolism that my conscious is too dense to get. If only my subconscious wasn't so creative...
The dream goes something like this. The words in parentheses are my reality outside of the dream. I am trying to cross a busy street with my dad (deceased) about two blocks from where I currently live (daddy never saw this house or knew I would one day live here). While crossing the street, daddy and I get separated. I make it safely across, but he makes it across about 75% of the way. The light changes, and a police officer insists he has to go back and starts pushing him into traffic instead of helping get safely across. He almost pushes dad in front of a moving vehicle. I see this, and I want to help dad without getting arrested. So I run up to dad and start yelling at him to drown out the police officer yelling at us. I yell "Daddy, stop bothering this nice police officer! You need to finish crossing the street, not walk backwards into traffic, let's go" and grab him by the arm and drag him across the street while the police officer yells. Daddy and I walk together for a couple of blocks. I expect him to yell at me for treating him like a doddering idiot in public, but he says nothing. I finally say "how much trouble am I in? (Daddy used to give the silent treatment when he was furious) Daddy says "Why would you be in trouble?" I answer "For speaking to you the way I did (Daddy would have rather have been run over by a fleet of mac trucks than spoken to disrespectfully, especially by his daughter). Dad says " I am not a doddering fool. I know that the police officer was pushing me into traffic, and you were trying to stop him without getting arrested. I am glad I didn't get run over, and I am glad you are not in jail. Even if the officer tries to press charges against you now, what judge would rule against a woman trying to take care of her father?" And then we keep walking.
Nothing else happens. I did not go to bed thinking about walks or daddy. This does not sound like bad pizza to me! What could my subconscious be saying. Oh well...
Have a great day! God bless!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lazy Blog Post Generator

Yesterday Ironic Catholic posted about Lazy Blog Post Generator, and posted a link to it. That's right, I am so lazy, I did not use lazy blog post generator until today! If you want to try it, click on the title of this post. If I messed up and that doesn't work, go to Ironic Catholic on my blogroll, and check out yesterday's post. You can link up there.

Goodness Gracious I just got slapped with a wet salmon - really - I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died... You would not believe the fairy dust I have to clean up. I prostrate myself in sorrow and beg thy forgiveness..

I am hopped up on caffeine with discovering time doesn't stand still, being distracted by the shiny, just generally being an embarrassment to the locals, my day is a magical flight from my partner kicking me out of bed to 11pm at which point I fall asleep on the couch. I am happy with that. Life happens.

I send you kisses I will make more of an effort to blog more often until the nice men in the white coats come back. You want to test me? What do you mean you don't believe me?

That was fun! Back to burying Tinkerbell....

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I Almost Forgot , and I Said I Never Would

Where were you seven years ago today? I was in a classroom with 38 second graders. An announcement came on the intercom to pray for survivors of a plane crash into the World Trade Center, and to pray for the dead. We were told we could turn on the television machine to see the news coverage. I declined. I felt eight year olds did not need to see carnage and the reaction to it. About 20 minutes later, someone from the office came to my door to tell me there was a second hit. Until then, I had naively believed it was an accident. I chose not to tell my students. Eventually the news that the Pentagon was hit reached me. And then the news of the courageous passengers who brought there own plane down when they realized what the hijackers were planning. I still did not tell my students, though I did pray with them for the dead, for the survivors of "today's tragedy", and for the rescue workers who were trying to save them. I couldn't protect them from fear for long, but I feeling what I was for a little while. Many parents came to get their children early. Many did not. The ones who stayed thought it was strange that so many students were being dismissed early, but did not correlate that fact with the crash at 9:00 that morning. The next day they asked me why I did not tell them. I told them that I felt it would be less scary to hear this from the parents who loved them than from me. I did not tell them I was wondering if Chicago was a target, and that I didn't want them to think of that too. They accepted that I thought their parents should tell them. They were good kids. I hope that they remember me as a good teacher.
I don't know anyone personally who died that day. September 11 is designated as "Patriot Day" in this country now. I would like it to be a day when everyone prays for fire fighters and rescue workers. I know their families pray for them daily, but those of us who don't have friends or family doing this forget to, except of course when hearing of tragedies or emergencies. I wish that this day would be a day to pray a simple prayer for them and their families. I am no David, so please forgive my meager attempt.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for the gift of selfless people who work as firefighters and rescue workers. Many of them sacrifice their lives for the good of the public. Many of their family members worry for their safety daily. I pray that you keep them safe and well, and that you comfort their families in times of anxiety. Hold them close to you as they save and rescue. Hold the people they serve close to you. Please don't let their lives end before knowing you. Please don't let them die while they serve us. Please reward them in this life and the next for their courage and selflessness.
I ask this through Jesus Christ, your Son.

Fast from Presidential Campaign in the Name of Ocular Health!

I may have to fast from the presidential campaign for a week or so. My momma told me this would happen. My momma told me that if I kept rolling my eyes up into my head whenever someone said or did something dumb my eyes would stay that way. I must have tried to roll my eyes before I finished the previous eye roll, because I am getting a headache from all this.
The orgin of my pain is the comment by Senator Obama the other day which included the phrase "like putting lipstick on a pig". First my eye started rolling because it was obviously a takeoff on the whole lipstick/pitbull joke Sarah Palin used at the RNC. Yes, the phrase existed before he used it. No, I have never used or heard the expression used in Illinois, so his reasoning on Late Night with David Letterman that it is a common expression in Illinois is flawed. Maybe he heard it on the campaign trail in farm country, but certainly not in Chicago, where he hails from lately. I can't read men's hearts, but it did seem to be like the crowd who was guffawing was linking it with the pitbull comment made by Palin. Obama is an extremely intelligent man. He should stop pretending that the correlation never occurred to him.
That being said, I couldn't even finish my eyeroll when I heard that the McCain campaign is demanding an apology. An apology?! This is politics people. Candidates are supposed to spin clever comments made by their opponents to their own advantage. It seems to me that the McCain campaign is now playing the gender card, and that is wrong. I really like Gov. Palin because of her strong pro-life stand. Unless she changes her mind within the next 54 days, she has my vote. (That's right, she does. I still have my problems with McCain's "moderate" stand on abortion.) But how can an experienced politician be offended by a colloquial expression, even if it resembles a joke she told about herself. I know she owns lipstick, but does she own the patent to expressions with lipstick on any given animal? I think not.
I care about the pro-life cause, which is the only reason I ever vote Republican. Not many people are proud of being an "issue voter", and may be swayed away if the McCain campain gets stupid. I want babies to stop being murdered. I hope the Republicans don't blow this.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This is Awesome!

Weeks ago Katdish recommended a site that puts up a map of where people who have checked out your blog are from. I really wanted that map, but when I went to the site I needed to leave my e-mail address,which I did, but then proceeded to have trouble with my e-mail address, so I couldn't retrieve my password. Well, I've been coveting that map for a while, and have finally checked out the gadgets on blogger and found something similar. Wow! I thought my blog wasn't being read by many people because of so few comments. I feel better now that I know that just because no one commented about a post, it doesn't mean I'm talking to myself. I don't like talking to myself (unless someone is there to watch and get freaked out. I love that!).

I have been reading Plato and a Platypus Walk Into a Bar. It is about understanding philosophy through jokes. I hope they don't mind if I share one with you.

An optimist says that the glass is half full.
A pessimist says that the glass is half empty.
A rationalist says that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

Luuuuuuuuv it! It's like the rationalist sees both at the same time. I'm not sure I'm a rationalist, but I love knowing that someone else doesn't think it has to be either / or.

My dad used to like to teach me stuff through jokes. His favorite was one he learned in Hungary as a young boy. "The King is a big man. But he still can't eat his cookies with a shovel." Maybe not philosophical, but it keeps me grounded when meeting someone who is better educated, or has more money, or name a reason they might be better than me. I remind myself they can't eat cookies with a shovel, which makes me smile as I shake their hand and converse.

I love the idea of using jokes to learn things. The blogger gadget section also has joke of the day, but I don't know yet if I want a random joke selector. What if there are naughty jokes sometimes. It's not that I never tell naughty jokes, but I usually whisper them. I know how to SHOUT on a keyboard, but I don't know how to whisper.

Have a blessed day!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Good News / Bad News

Good News: The Wheaton bank hostages were released unharmed.
Bad News: The gunman shot himself, taking his own life.
For more details about the situation and outcome, you can click on the titile of this post.

I was praying it wouldn't come down to that. I was expecting it. It usually does. But I was praying that he would realize he did wrong, face the outcome, and eventually turn to Jesus. I am not by nature an optimist nor a pessimist. I am the odd duck that sees half empty and half full at the same time, and says "Oh well,it is time to start making plans!" I say this just to let you know I am not naive. I know that doesn't usually happen, but since the angels rejoice when one sinner repents, I thought it was something I should pray for.

The angels rejoicing thing is the reason I am against the death penalty. I want for the culprit to be given ample time to repent, and to let God decide when he has been given enough time. If he (or she) doesn't repent, well that is between them and God. If he or she does repent, then they are not such a danger to society that they require extermination anyway.

I am really glad the hostages are okay. I just wish the angels had a reason to party (not that they aren't happy the hostages are okay, but you know what I mean). Luke 15:7 , 10

Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Pray for Wheaton

A bank in Wheaton is currently under a hostage situation with an armed gunman. I don't know if such things make National news, but it is on the local news here in Chicago. Wheaton is home to Wheaton College, a Christian school. I don't know if any of their students are hostages, but I am asking you for prayers either way. Your prayer could be the one that makes the difference, and the stakes are high. I am praying, too.
Have a blessed day.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

My thirty-ninth birthday was a couple of days ago. It reminds me of a story I used to tell second graders. It goes like this...

We all get along so well and like each other so much that we keep in touch forever and ever. We even buy condo units in the same building so we can all be neighbors. We make sure we go to the mailbox at the same time everyday so we can spend time with one another. One day, we accidentally check the mail on a National holiday. The conversation goes something like this.

Joe: I did not get any letters. I have no mail.
Mary: Oh really? Well I didn't get any letters or advertisements. I have more no mail than you do!
Genie: I can top that! I didn't get any letters, advertisements, or magazines. I have more no mail than either of you!
Fred: I have beaten you all. I didn't get any letters, advertisements, magazines, or bills. I have more no mail than you three!

The story goes on and on until I have named every child in the class. I use this story to demonstrate that when you multiply zero by any number, you get zero, because no matter what you do, you can never have more nothing. It works! Many teachers say that this is a property most students forget, but mine still tell about having more no mail than others. It is very gratifying.

What does this have to do with my thirty-ninth birthday? I don't understand how, since I know that you can't have more nothing, I can feel more barren with every birthday that passes. I know, Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rebekkah, were all barren for a long long time. Barrenness is Biblical. Barrenness sucks! Happy belated Birthday to me!
Sorry if I sound bitter. I'll regain my sense of humor shortly. I've been checking out jokes and humor blogs. If you click on the title of the previous post, you'll see the fruit of my labor (no puns intended). That was the best one I found. That, and God's creation blog on the same site.

Have a blessed day!

Noah's Blog

Yesterday I clicked on this humor blog called Wittenburg Door (I linked up through Ironic Catholic) and I read a diary Noah would have written if he kept a blog. I thought it was really funny and wanted to share it. Click on the title of this post if you would like to see it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Republican National Convention and McCain's V.P. Choice

Yeah, I know, it didn't actually start yet. It has been postponed into a fundraiser for victims of hurricane Gustav. Good. I don't think anyone is prepared to cheer, bark, or hug while our hopes and prayers are with Louisiana. Stacy from Louisville did a lovely post a couple of days ago reminding people to pray. I am ashamed to admit, that while I would watch the news about Gustav's possibilities, I would worry, but forget to pray. Now I try to remember to offer prayers for the victims of Gustav every time I hear it on the news.
I am glad for McCain's choice for V.P. I realize she is inexperienced, but she is very pro-life. That seems to be my main criteria for voting now. Do I believe we would be more prosperous under a President from the Democratic party? In a way. But if we continue to support abortion, we are sure to incur the wrath of God sooner or later. Then where would be our prosperity? It would turn to dust. I fear God more than economic downturn. Yes, I am a Christian, and saved from the fires of hell. But that doesn't exempt me from whatever is doled out here on earth. He punished Moses for hitting a rock when it was contrary to His word. What is the punishment for legalised murder?
So every time I hear or read a criticism of Sarah Palin, it is out balanced in my heart by her strong pro-life stand. Yes, she would be "one heart beat away from the presidency" as V.P. And yes, I've heard that McCain is older than dirt, so she could actually be our second to next president. Here inexperience may mean that prosperity will be a long way away. But at least it won't mean destruction.