Monday, July 18, 2011

The Packing is Over....

Helen has moved!

I am grateful to blogger for hosting this free site for blogging.  But I have come to realize how much these posts and your comments have meant to me, and after some technical difficulties, have decided that moving  is in my best interest.

So I guess you can say that Blogger and I are separating for a while, though the  cooking blog I share with Annie and my Lenten blog will still remain with him.   It's not Blogger, it's me.  I have grown past our relationship, but grateful knowing that I would not be the blogger I am today without him.  (That's right.  For that you can blame blogger!  Mwahahahahaha!

I am now at


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Woo Hoo! I love moving when it's not me and I'm not involved in the packing/unpacking! Congrats Helen. :)