Friday, February 26, 2010

Shamrock Shakes Are NOT Clover Flavored....

This is my first twitter ho down post since Momma passed away. I know. It seems a little frivolous to do a post like this when she hasn't even been gone a month. But you see, I think going back to a routine will be good for me. So much of my routine is impossible to go back to now. But my tweeting and blogging is different. For a few weeks there, I lamented so much time I spent doing this that could have been spent with mom. First of all, I have come to realize that the friends I have made through blogging and twitter have been a gift from God. It is wrong to begrudge myself that.
Also upon reflection, I realize most of that time was time I spent here at the computer she spent sleeping during the day. There were some times she would wake up and call me, and I'd say "I'll be there in a minute.." and it turned out to be more like 23 minutes. Sometimes maybe more. But not that often. I was making myself out in my head to me a monster, and I wasn't. What I was and am is imperfect. But then, who isn't? If perfection were actually possible, who wouldn't choose it? And who do you know, besides Jesus, who is perfect? Anyway, I have digressed big time. On to less important things.. ;-)

Okay. Some of my tweets to and about @weightwhat will not make any sense unless you know that she embroiders lovely patterns on clothes and sells them on Etsy. I am planning to make few purchases for my cousins' little ones for Easter. I hardly ever see them and forgot I had them until they came to Momma's wake.... Bad me. Maybe sending one of those sweet little monster shirts will be a bridge for all of us.
*Disclaimer: It is my tweets, and not this link, that I speak of as being among the "less important things".

If you are hoping the rest of it makes any sense, I suggest you read from the bottom up.

@coffeewithmarty BTW, I wasn't dissing spam. My earlier tweet was that it is delicious hot....

@coffeewithmarty Thirty minutes from heaven? Wow.....

RT @coffeewithmarty @Helenatrandom @katdish hey! I had spam for lunch! Can't get enough. And I live within 30 min of where it is made!

@katdish Well, cold or lukewarm Spam™ IS disgusting....

RT @katdish @Helenatrandom I like that you clarified Spam "when hot".

If I owned the company Spam™ , I'd sue "spammers" for giving my delicious luncheon meat (when hot) a bad name...

@redclaydiaries And veins....Your brain is veiny and tough.... #tryingtohelpanywayican

@redclaydiaries Brains... you tweeted about a full brain....nourishing....

@redclaydiaries I hope you made sure there were no zombies following you on the twitter before you tweeted that...

RT @redclaydiaries @makeadiff21 We're having a great time. Brains full from sights, but cool stuff.

@makeadiff21 Awww....You warned her? Don't you think it would have been funnier to let her think I was a wino? whiskio?

@makeadiff21 I left a comment on Beth's post. She is going to think I'm nuts. 3 sentences, and she'll know me inside and out...

@katdish Do the bar stools have seat belts?

RT @katsish Just got an email from someone who thinks my readers would B interested in cookware & barstools. Yeah...they did some in-depth research .

RT @funnyoneliners A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history. Except tequila.

RT @BridgetChumbley @katdish Is "somewhat direct" like saying the Pope is "sorta Catholic?"

@VariantVal Spellcheck is my hero...

@pagan43 I can't believe I spelled occurrence wrong!!! Ok. I can believe it. #ilovespellcheck

I took the Twitter spelling test and scored: 95% (A) from the indisputable @oatmeal

@sarahmsalter He is happy as long as it isn't the same purple muumuu I was wearing when he left. That has happened once. Or twice...

@VariantVal mom wouldn't want me to get hung up in the should'ves...And I really did act in what I thought was her best interest.

@VariantVal I am improving. I have bad moments, but they are fewer and farther between. I'm starting to realize that people are right, my

@sarahmsalter My purple muumuus are all the rage here in Chigagoland. *snort*

@marni71 I know. The wisdom of the twitter = yoda on vicodin.

@ImAPennyPincher It wasn't me. I still like you, no matter what those other 4 say....

Topping off that delightful breakfast with instant cappuccino ....

@marni71 I ate waffles with butter and honey. Mmmmmm. @weightwhat is making an adult onesie for me.

@sarahmsalter And I am SUCH a slave to fashion....

@weightwhat How big do you make them? I'm thinking 44T (so I can grow into it...)

Note to self: Wash hands from honey BEFORE tweeting...

Waffles with butter and honey. I am spoiling myself rotten...

@Babybloomr My friend @katdish told me to follow you. I always do what @katdish says. And @weightwhat.

@BridgetChumbley How dare you have a life on Tuesdays! :=) Cut that out and get back ot work!!

@sarahmsalter @makeadiff21 Awww... thanks. I guess making people uncomfortable is my spiritual gift...

@makeadiff21 She said "I don't know...I don't think I've met him yet..." Right @sarahmsalter?

@buzzbyannies You are going to meet up with Candy?! I am so jealous of the both of you!

@katdish Are you sure that your dog Buddy doesn't need Viagra? I've been hearing rumors....

@BridgetChumbley Bob has no clue as to why barbecued pulled pork, beef, chicken, etc is back on the menu. He's just like "mmmmmmm"

@BridgetChumbley is gone. Making things she liked makes me sad. But then, she COULDN'T have a lot of stuff, so I make that more now.

@BridgetChumbley Actually, I bought a whole bunch of Mrs. Grass soup. He likes it, it's easy. Also, I am cooking differently now that mom

@BridgetChumbley Usually Bob shovels, but his arm was hurting this weekend, and I thought I'd be a good wife and surprise him...

@weightwhat Would you believe, I have more success with whiskey than with cough syrup...

@sarahmsalter Here's the thing. I think I DO need the meds, but then, since I can't help but ENJOY sweet whiskey, do I REALLY....

@sarahmsalter I think my lungs got a chill when I was shoveling yesterday. Nothing has helped so far.

@sarahmsalter Yep! And now I am coughing. I know I said I was only giving up alcohol unless it was medicinal, but not sure I need medicine

RT @funnyoneliners Don't you hate it when you're out with MC Hammer and he won't let you touch anything?

@SBeeCreations "Run, before he finds you." Yes. I loved it. It was so funny! I'm glad I did the search! :-)

@SBeeCreations Did you do it? It says "Google won't search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don't find Chuck Norris, he finds you."

@sarahmsalter Can you have the bottle right at your desk? Maybe take a sip each time someone annoys you? I did that as a teacher #12glasses
(water people. I was tweeting about water here...)

@Nick_theGeek I hear you. It took me three hours to shovel today. Because I am out of shape. Bad me. Sn*w was wet and heavy though...

OK, to see your own tweets on your lists, you have to list yourself in the group. (slowly shaking head at self...)

@SBeeCreations @sarahmsalter Being well hydrated certainly couldn't hurt any..

RT @SBeeCreations @Seriously, try this, lol: RT@Dr0id @ebertchicago: At, type "where can I find Chuck Norris?" Then click on "I'm feeling lucky"

Instant cappuccino with added magnesium, I heart you....

@redclaydiaries Nonsense! If he wanted you to be humble, he wouldn't have made you so cute and clever!

@LostInPortland I suggest you do everything Wendy says from now on. It works for me!

Okay. Back to shoveling. Feel free to try and stop me...

@sarahmsalter McDonald's. I was NOT kidding about that. Just the clover. Aggravating that they ONLY sell them during Lent...

@sarahmsalter It's from their new health menu... Clover Shakes for St. Patrick's Day. NOT!!! Mint flavored shakes. It's a tradition.

@sarahmsalter Weekend was good. Pancake breakfast at Church yesterday. Shamrock Shakes for lunch...

Time to go out and shovel more snow. Still tired. Maybe I'll finish half of the half that is left....

@makeadiff21 Yes. Not a lot, but wet and heavy. I only have half of the driveway done. I did do the steps and the front sidewalk.

Only half way done shoveling, and I am exhausted!

RT@funnyoneliners You say money can't buy happiness. I say I have not yet secured sufficient funding to conduct an empirically sound study. RT @wood

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thank You for Your Kindness...

Well, today is the day that I participate in the bimonthly "One Word Blog Carnival" over at Bridget Chumbley's blog. The word this week is kindness. I find it funny. Why? Because you all have been so kind and supportive to me in the last few months, and especially the weeks since mom died, that I feel like me telling you about kindness is like me telling Pope Benedict XVI about Catholicism: while I may not be unqualified to post on either, it seems inappropriate to share my thoughts on it with those who are more expert than I. Really. You have been there for me in so many tangible and intangible ways... Thank YOU for your kindness.

Of course, none of this excuses me from acts of kindness. Which is fine. I find that unless someone outright misinterprets an act of kindness (like this elderly lady I offered a seat on the bus to in High School screaming at me "I'M NOT THAT OLD YOU NITWIT!"), it actually lifts me up. I feel reconnected to humanity by it. And sometimes, though not expecting it, more blessed by it by the person I was trying to reach.

My mom had a very lovely 90 year old roommate when she was convalescing in the Nursing Home. Sabrina is a very social lady who cannot leave her room often (sitting too long in a wheelchair wears her out) and she gets no visitors. She has no children of her own, and nephews and nieces are scattered around the country. She was a real blessing for mom and me. And we for her. Yes, in the brief time mom was there, the three of us chatted up a storm.

Anyways, last week I got to worrying about her. She was there when they were working on mom FOR FORTY MINUTES! If the situation had been reversed, mom would have been sooooo upset, and of course, Mom would have had me to try to reassure her. Sabrina has no one. So I went with a gift to visit her. I wanted to know she was okay. I had no intention of asking her about Mom's passing, and I didn't. Honest. I just wanted to reassure her, if she needed....

Instead, she reassured me! No, not that I went in all upset. I was able to fake cheeriness for an hour. Sabrina was fine. She assumed I was, too. She conversationally mentioned how quickly life changes.
"One moment your Mom was talking to me and the nurses, and the next, she was gone.... They were working on her right away. She was just gone."
Sabrina's words backed up the nurse's version of what happened that morning. I did not ask Sabrina what they were talking about, or anything like that. I just commented that that's the way I'd like to go, and Sabrina agreed. Then we talked about other things.

But it was a relief to me to know that's how it went. I had worked myself up into "Well what are the nurses supposed to say? 'She was begging for you because she thought she was dying, and we told her to wait until visiting hours...'" Knowing that mom had no clue, no fear has brought me more peace.

I don't believe in karma. This was not some sort of reward for being kind, any more than the old lady who yelled at me years ago was any sort of punishment. But, though I was trying to be kind to her (honest), my visit with her was more of a blessing to me than her.

And that is okay. Sometimes kindness is like that. I learned a lot from talking to Sabrina that day. If I am ever going to get over mom's passing, it'll be only when I can reach out of myself and be kind to others. One day at a time....

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Prose or Poetry?

I have written a piece, but I am not sure if it is prose or a poem. I ought to know. I was an English minor. But I look at it, think it's a poem, but don't know why. It's like trying to differentiate between a bagel and a bun. I can easily explain the difference between a bun and a slice of bread, or a slice of bread and a bagel, but the similarity or a bagel and a bun is overwhelming...
Anyways, I hope you like bagels...

I once had a rose.
A beautiful yellow rose
That for some time I took for granted.
Then that rose started to wilt,
and I tried so hard to prop it up...
more water...
rose food...
even wire to help support the stem...
I thought it was working
The rose still filled the room with beauty
and perfumed the air with it's sweetness...
But eventually the rose lost petals..
while the remaining petals dried...
There was no life left in my beautiful yellow rose....
I clutched it hard
I did not wish to let go
Thorns dug deeply into my thumb and forefinger.
Still, I held on, until I could no longer.
A deep gash was left, and it bled hard.
I liked to make it bleed,
My beautiful rose deserved no less,
But now it is time to heal
Because my blood can't revive a dead rose.
My blood does no good...
A scab is forming,
which bleeds only if I move my hand.
Eventually there will be a scar.
When I look at it
I won't think about how hard I bled
But about how blessed I was to have
so beautiful a rose, that to let go of
hurt worse than to hang onto thorns...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jason

Today is the birthday of a bloggy / twitter friend, Jason. His blog is Connecting to Impact, and on it he shares both serious and humorous things. Often he shares serious thoughts with a dose of humor.

Here is a post I know that is dear to him, about his desire to help the people of Haiti at this time.

Go wish him a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Parting Blessings

*While I know that this story is not a barrel of laughs, there is a rather amusing story about me in college. I am going to include this in my friend Wendy's "Life is Funny" blog carnival, because this is probably as amusing as I will be for a while. *

This phrase comes from God be with you. It has been shortened over the years since 16th century. Shakespeare used "God be wy you." The substitution for good for God seems to have been mainly due to the influence of such phrases as " good day" and " good night."
Dictionary of Word Origins

I found out that "goodbye" was the way they said "God be with you" in the old days when I was in third grade. I thought that by "old days" they meant when my Momma was in school, because that is how she always said goodbye to me. I thought it was like her spelling potato with an e: that's how they did it when she was a kid.
I took her little turn of phrase for granted throughout my childhood. This was just her way. It was like polish sausage and pierogi on Easter: that's just how we do it. I didn't give it a second thought until I was in college.
One day, when I was in college (a commuter school), my friends Don and Whitney come to pick me up so we can go out for pizza. I think we may have been going to see a movie also, but that isn't important. What is important is the conversation that followed.

Whitney: Your mom does know we are going to bring you back, doesn't she?
Me: (confused) Huh? I DO always have cab fare in case a car breaks down or something.
Whitney: No, what I mean is, she sent you off as if you might not be returning. I only see that kind of goodbye in war movies.
Me: (groan) Sorry. I don't pay much attention to it anymore. I think because Catherine died, Momma needs to make sure she blesses me and tells me she loves me, kind of to protect me from dying on her, too...
Whitney: Don't apologize. I think it's sweet. Your mom obviously loves you a lot.

That was the beginning of me noticing her blessing again. I wish I could say I appreciated it, but many times, even a few months ago, I'd say "I'll be fine. I'm only going next door to give them the mail we got by mistake." And she'd say "That's okay, I can still bless you."
When daddy died though, I did get better about appreciating her blessing when I'd actually leave the neighborhood. I understood that she cherished me, because after losing Daddy, I found myself cherishing her more as well. I felt the need to bless her right back. Not that I didn't say "and also with you" when she said "God be with you" before. But after Daddy's passing, it went from rote to heartfelt.
I taught in a Catholic School for thirteen years, and at each dismissal, my last words to them were "God be with you." It was heart felt. I wanted them to be blessed and safe. I wanted them to return to me the next day. Though they were not my own children, I understood Mom a little better.
The last few months at home, Momma became even more concerned with blessing me. Each night before I went to bed, she'd say "I love you. God be with you." I laughed and said "Momma, I am going to bed with a sweet loving husband, not into the jaws of the enemy." She'd say "I know that. I just want to bless you." I would then respond. "And I love you. God be with you, too, Momma."

Yesterday I shared with you my pain that I was not there when my Momma died. The thought had occurred to me a few days ago that she might have wanted to say something to me before she died, and I was not there to hear it. I woke up in the middle of the night the day of her wake to realize, she said her last words to me EVERY time we parted since i began school. Before then I don't believe we actually ever parted.
She said to me and Bob before we left her the night before. "I love you both. God be with both of you." And we truly responded "We love you, too, Mom. God be with you, too."
We parted from each other with a blessing on our lips. What more could there have ever been to say?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yes, Mom's Suffering is Over

A while back, my favorite author, Billy Coffey, wrote on his blog a post called Writing Naked. I thought I knew what he meant by that, though I'd have admitted at the time I only came close once. That was the post before mom went into the hospital. I'm not sure I "wrote naked". I wrote intending to show the true me, so you could hate me as much as I did. Instead, you comforted and embraced me. Thank you. Anyway, this post today feels like both exhibitionism, and something I must share. Perhaps I'm merely flashing undies, but whatever. There will be more of this, because there are lots of things from the last five days that I feel I must share, and yet, are so personal.... Anyways, consider this a warning. My naked soul is no pin up girl....She is a nasty flasher.

Monday was Momma's wake. Lot's of people said "At least she isn't suffering anymore." I told them that she was healing. I told them that what took her did not make her suffer. She had a heart attack and went quickly. Yes, when she was alive, she had arthritis to make her suffer physically, a horrible wound to heal from which she said didn't hurt much, but she didn't have any added suffering in her death. Living was hard, but dying was easy....Praise God for the latter!

But the greatest suffering my momma faced was losing her other daughter, Catherine, when she was a month old. Cathy was born nine years before I was, so to me, she is an invisible baby in a visible grave. But to momma, she was her first born. Momma never got over the feeling that she should have known. She couldn't have. She even took Cathy to the doctor a couple of days before she died for the sniffles. The doctor laughed her out of the office. Two days later, Daddy was doing CPR on a literally blue Cathy. He revived her, and she died in the hospital minutes after being baptized. Along with Baptism, she received Last Rites. My momma went so far as to blame herself for taking her to the doctor. Maybe that made her cold worse. You see, Catherine died of bronchial pneumonia. My parents didn't know it yet, because doctors were not as communicative then, but she was even in an incubator for a short time due to an underdeveloped lung when she was born. Yes. She was delivered by the same doctor who laughed momma out of the office. She even blamed herself for him being Cathy's doctor. He was her doctor before she got married.
The second greatest suffering of Momma's life was losing Daddy to lung cancer. He went to the doctor for his cough too late. Way to late. Momma blamed herself for not being able to talk him into going to see a doctor sooner.
Her two greatest sufferings are over, for they are now restored to her. I rejoice in that more deeply than in knowing that she will never describe leg pain as an eight or a nine ever again, or try to smile and joke and say twelve, but me knowing she really meant it....It was bad. My Momma used to like to polka, and I've had friends and family suggest I picture her dancing with Daddy in heaven.
But that is not the picture that brings me peace. You see, I hold onto some blame of my own.... I was not at my mother's side when she died. She died that quickly. She was tired the last couple of days of her life, so I have my own "should have knowns", even though the doctor and nurses didn't, when having her tiredness pointed out to them.
My parish priest suggested not being there was actually a gift from God to not know the terror of seeing them work on her for forty minutes. I get his point. A former student of mine who recently graduated from Nursing School told me at her wake that coming back would have been painful, because she'd have had broken ribs. I can imagine me holding out hope, then hearing her ribs crack and fearing she was in great pain, when in fact, she was gone, and not coming back.
Still, I hate the thought of her dying alone. I tried so hard to always be there for her. I like to think that during her last moments, she had her other daughter with her. I like to picture Daddy holding her (not that she needs assistance in Heaven, but so that mom would know who she is) and smiling wide. She isn't wrapped up, because it isn't cold in Heaven. She reaches out her hand, and Momma's soul reaches out to grab that hand, and with that, she passes from this life into the next, with the arms of Jesus around the three of them. They are a family again.
I don't know for sure that is how it happened. But it is my hope. It is my hope that she was never alone.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Beginning for Mom...

Mom's obituary is in the Sunday Tribune and online.

When I used to go to Charismatic Prayer meetings, and we'd pray for someone's healing, sometimes they would die. We would remind each other then that for the Christian, death is the ultimate healing. Our prayers were fully and completely answered, but not as we hoped.

It is in that aspect that I share that mom was completely healed yesterday morning, quite unexpectedly. She, my dad, my sister, and others are rejoicing in their reunion. I will be as well one day, but right now I am sad over my own loss of a wonderful mom. Indeed, she was my best friend.

I thank you deeply for your prayers for her healing. The staff at the nursing home say she died quietly in her sleep. The only thing that would have pleased her more is dying in her own home peacefully in her sleep. But then, dying anywhere was not the plan. Getting better and coming home was.

Most likely, I won't post again until later next week. Maybe even later than that. I just don't know. I may still be around your blogs. Commenting may or may not happen. If I am feeling macabre, I will try to hold back.

I do know that I will be in your prayers as well. I appreciate being able to take you for granted like that.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Grammies, Sleep Talking Man, and Wrestling: Twitter Was Invented For the Random Ones...

Okay, why the #Grammy hashtags, with the King Tut link you may ask... Well, @redclaydiaries tweeted that the Grammy Awards were making her feel ancient, so I lamely tweeted "You feel ancient!" and linked to the Tut video. Then when I was listening and was reminded of the "Could have won a Grammy...." line in the song, I thought it would be funny to keep tweeting that link with the #GrammyAwards hashtag and confuse anyone who found it by clicking trending topics. I know, it was a very lame practical joke. Most of the safest ones are...
Oh, and #stm stands for sleep talking man. Steph at the Red Clay Diaries found him, and some of us are really enjoying the one lines he spews out in his sleep.

Okay. As usual, bottoms up. Oh, and read the tweets starting at the bottom and move up if you have any hope of making sense of this...

RT @StephenAtHome i didn't see the lost premiere last night so i have no idea what happened. much like the people who did see it

RT @jimmyfallon A man in Australia was arrested for kissing a police dog at a pub. In his defense, he had no idea she was a cop. #FallonMono
7:04 PM Feb 3rd from web

@redclaydiaries Hey, it's all Orthodox! Tomato, tomahto...

@SBeeCreations I had to look it up. I was REALLY worried that I wouldn't get pictures...

@weightwhat So you knew losing religion meant getting angry? I thought it meant.... losing something entirely different...

@sarahmsalter I felt a lot better a few months later when I found out it was southern for getting angry.

@sarahmsalter was freaked out that someone would be doing THAT in a spotlight!!!

@sarahmsalter You know that song about being in the spotlight "Losing my Religion..."? I totally thought it meant something else, and

RT @funnyoneliners If I were Batman, the "Bat Cave" would have only one tiny computer and a whole lot more beer. Wait... OMG! I'M BATMAN!! RT @JerryThomas

@CandySteele I say that, but Bob was willing to eat out while mom was in hospital, and I preferred my crock pot.

@CandySteele Do you do the cooking at home? Because you see, even tho I am a pretty good cook, I'm happy letting someone else cook..

@ImAPennyPincher I am hoping she does something Easter lamby... I'd get it for my aunt.

@makeadiff21 Yeah...I couldn't resist sounding impatient for the patience post, even though I have no idea what I will say...

@redclaydiaries It's especially funny because he doesn't mean to say it, you know? That puppy line who be gross if he MEANT to say it...

@marni71 My daddy was the last one left of six siblings, but he was the second youngest. Youngest died when daddy was three....

@marni71 I read it on a bio page on the internet. I just felt so bad for him being the only one left, and so young. He was the oldest, too


"No puppy! Bad puppy! Make you into puppy slippers." #stm

@sarahmsalter Here it's enough to make us all blush...while typing "TWSS" as fast as we can...

@sarahmsalter Good morning. I'm with you. I wouldn't use that term of endearment around here ever...Well, maybe if Bob twittered...

@marni71 Oh yeah! And Kevin Von Erich was rather handsome...nice legs. You know he is the only brother still alive?

@SBeeCreations I knew that wrestling had to change their initials, which is why I asked.I wasn't sure if she was watching wrestling or birds

@marni71 I am good. I watch Smackdown on Raw every week, so I had to ask. I love to watch wrestling. Seriously. No ECW, tho. No SyFy

While I am in full agreement with you bro, at least it is clean snow. Unlike here ... RT @billycoffey GAA!!

@marni71 What does WWF stand for. It used to be wrestling, but they changed their initials, so I'm curious...
9:34 AM Feb 3rd from web in reply to marni71

RT @funnyoneliners Sometimes I look in the mirror and think: "Damn girl; look at you, lookin' all hot". Then other times I'm sober. RT @ruthakers
6:49 PM Feb 2nd from web

@br8kthru finds it all a bit amusing.... Like daddy found it when I slept through thunderstorms and sirens...

@br8kthru Thanks. Deep down, I love going to Church on Sunday, though I don't love getting up in the morning. I'm sure my Father finds

@emptynestegg Pretty good. Mom is in good spirits.She is temporarily at a Nursing Home, but she understands she will come home after healing

@br8kthru She was so happy, if happiness caused healing, she'd be ready to go home!!! I am so glad they came.

@br8kthru I really like your post today. I went on a bit of a tangent, but this time I am not apologizing. :-) Don't be afraid. I was nice

@br8kthru She was really happy. Her sister visited, as well as a niece with her daughter, and later another niece with her three kids.

@br8kthru Good. I went to a bday party for my husbands cousin's son. That was fun. Visited mom of course. She had lots of visitors.

@sarahmsalter Can they do that? The WHOLE mess?

@BridgetChumbley Ok...I read that as "time to drop the kids off at the grocery store" at first. Do I need more sleep, or an eye exam?

@sarahmsalter 3 FOOT WALL OF ICE!!! Good Golly Miss Molly, how did that happen?

I going to join Bob in front of the television machine. Later gators....

He gave his life for tourism... #GrammyAwards

He could have won a Grammy...buried in his jammies

@redclaydiaries YOU feel ancient...

@redclaydiaries @Nick_theGeek You both are really looking for reasons to tease Candy.(and yes, I noticed it. Just giving NtG a hard time)

@sarahmsalter Well, normally it's @katdish 's fault, but when @Nick_theGeek does something bad, he likes to draw special attention to it...

@Nick_theGeek gosh its hot but Im not complaining? That one? Boy, you take the word "gosh" as seriously as my mom used to! She lightened up

@Nick_theGeek I looked. Can't find it. Either someone is pulling your leg, or @CandySteele learned how to delete a tweet...

@Nick_theGeek What did you do to make @CandySteele cuss?

@weightwhat Housecleaning. I really let things go for a while. Same with shopping.

@weightwhat Mom is in good spirits. Now that mom is nearer to home, I am busier, actually trying to do stuff, you know?

RT @funnyoneliners Age is not measured in years, but in how long you continue to think "keg" when you see a red Solo cup. RT @nonsequiturific

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Me!!!

Today is my blogiversary. Random Musings is two years old today...

Thank you, thank you. You are too kind...

But seriously, I would like to thank you. Being a stay at home daughter has felt isolating at times, but you have befriended me and made me feel relevant again. Now that mom is recovering from surgery elsewhere, your prayers lift me up.

I started this blog because of a dream I had where my Dad reminded me that when I was little I wanted to be a writer. I have learned that there is more to writing than typing out my thoughts as I have them. Perhaps I never really wanted to be a writer, I just want to be heard, and validated. I have received better than validation from my cyber friends: I have received friendship and love.

I hope you can feel my love coming right back at you.
Thank you for being here for me. You guys are awesome.

And just because I love cartoons...