Tuesday, November 9, 2010

She's Back, She's Bad

I am going to assume that you all have been missing me terribly.   My ego just couldn't stand it if that assumption were wrong, so if you haven't even noticed that I haven't been blogging, don't tell me.  Your silence in the comment box will let it be known....

Anyhow, before Halloween I was helping to prepare a Halloween shindig at Church.  Yes.  Fun was had by many.   I even had a TWSS moment with some Church people over Jello Jigglers.

After Halloween I took a few days to be depressed over mom's passing.   November 2 is a special day for us where we remember our beloved dead... Unfortunately, mom's passing is still fresh and hurts to contemplate.

Friday and Saturday I was at a Catechist Conference (Conference for Catholic "Sunday School" teachers). It was fabulous.  I went to a two day workshop about Scripture.  I now have a handy dandy outline of the history of the Old Testament to aide me during my Scripture reading, as well as some other cool references.

Sunday after Church I went to see my cousin Katy star in a dance performance.  Okay.  She was in the ensemble, but to me, she was the star.  When she was on stage, who could look at anyone else, she is so graceful.   And THAT is the reason she was dancing in the back row!  (Seriously!)

Monday was Bob's birthday.   We went to the Art Institute of Chicago.   We had a lot of fun.  I think the last time we went there together, we were still dating, so this was fun.

What did I get him?  Come on, what more could he want?

How about you?  Have I missed anything spectacular in your life?  Let me know if congratulations are in order!