Saturday, July 5, 2008

Internet Down

Hello again! My internet has not been working for a little over a week, so I haven't been able to post. The good news is, my house is clean. Not OCD clean, but the best it has been in a while. (My CDO is not the compulsive cleaning kind, but the kind where appliances may magically replug themselves and start fires while I am not looking. That is why every time I leave the house, I check the toaster and coffee pot at least three times, the stove twice, and run back and forth three times making sure the door is locked, before I finally just ask my husband to "double check me").
Besides a clean house, there is not much I can add. I'm planning a party for two weeks from today. My old, disbanded prayer group did not have a Christmas party this year because the couple that hosts it was feeling under the weather. I love Christmas, but feel embarrassed that I don't do decorating well so I decided to have an Easter party instead. Bigger and better holiday theologically speaking anyway (some day I will write about why Easter, and not Christmas, is my favorite holiday). Yeah, I know I missed Easter by a mile, but a member of the former group, who is also a family member of mine and a dear friend of my husband's (best man at our wedding) was being operated on at the time (whipple surgery, very big deal). He is well loved not only by my husband and me, but by the whole former group. Without him here, the "party" would have been a gathering of "How is he? Will he be okay? What did you hear and when did you hear it?" So we waited until he'd be well enough to attend. Now I guess it's a sort of Thanksgiving party. Not Thanksgiving as in harvest festival, but Thanksgiving that our friend's health is improving. And with Thanksgiving, we'll offer petition for his continued healing.
Hope. That, too, is a big deal.

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katdish said...

What is "whipple surgery"?