Monday, June 7, 2010

Thank God I Forgot My Nightie at Home (Oh Yeah, and That No One Got Hurt)

I had a great time at Pirate Fest over the weekend, even though Murphy’s Law (no relation to Sherri, I’m sure) prevailed. First of all, Bob’s digital camera wouldn’t work. It claimed memory was full, even though he had downloaded the old pics. He thinks he may need a new memory card. We bought a couple of disposable cameras, and I will publish some pictures on my blog in the future.

Then we realized we left the sunscreen in the car. We parked really far away, and figured it was cloudy and rainy enough to not get burned. Guess what. We got a couple of hours of sunshine, just enough to cause my arms and face to burn enough for me to feel it.

The fireworks started late because it was raining, which meant we got to the hotel very late, very tired, and very sore. We had reserved a nonsmoking room (extra charge, but I’m grateful we spent the money) on the third floor with a king size bed. I have no idea how we ended up with a room with two twin beds, but Bob and I both agreed that it was only one night, and we’d just deal with it.

So then I open my bag to get out my muumuu, and find that I must have accidentally taken it out when I removed my bathing suit because I realized I wouldn’t have any time for the pool, so taking the suit would be a waste of space. But since I had fresh clothes packed to wear the next day, I decided there was no harm in going to sleep in the clothes I had been wearing all day. I decided it was a blessing in disguise, as I was too tired and sore to undress anyways.

I asked Bob to hand me my medicine. Silly me. I thought that since I handed him the bottle and told him to pack it with his meds, he’d have it. He had no recollection of said conversation and thus, he did not have my meds. To his credit, he offered to drive the two hours each way to go get it. I said that it made more sense for me to just take it late on Sunday than for him to drive four hours.

Then Bob plugs in his CPap machine. Beep….Beep….Beep…. Apparently the memory card was full. He removed the memory card, and at about 11:30, I had a quiet room to try and sleep in. Too bad I was sore and did not have Aleve with me. Turning to try to get comfortable was excruciating.

Several hours later, at four in the morning to be exact, BEEP..BEEP...BEEP… is filling the room. It is the loudest sound I ever heard in my life. I call out “WHUUU?” because I am too tired to pronounce the “t” at the end of the word “what”. My husband starts checking the CPap machine.

After about 20 seconds I scream “UNPLUG IT ALREADY! WE’RE WAKING UP THE WHOLE FLOOR!”

My husband calls out “IT IS UNPLUGGED!”

Did I forget to mention that today's post is only Part 1 of my nightie story? Ooops! Click above to see Wendy's blog carnival Life is Funny. Consider joining the fun and write your own LIF post! C'mon! What if I hold the next part of the story hostage? No conclusion to this story until Wendy gets four people (that is three others besides me) linking to her LIF blog carnival! Hah! C'mon and participate! Don't you want to know if I made it out of the hotel room alive?


jasonS said...

WooHoo! I feel like I'm part of the in-crowd. I know more of the story! Sorry, this doesn't happen to me very often so I always take the opportunity to enjoy it. :)

You're awesome, Helen!

katdish said...

Oh, fine! A cliffhanger?

Why does Jason know and I don't? Hmmmm????

sherri said...

What does Jason know? Why Jason?

Water Shack Lady said...

Bill uses a c-pap as well. I try to convince myself it is the ocean or summer rain... NOT

It is more like a freight train at times! Thank the powers that be for Aleve, I would have trouble functioning without it as well.

Cannot wait to read what happened next. What is a nightie ? # sleepsasGodmademe

Glynn said...

I can't wait to read Part 2.

Wendy said...

Don't hold out on me like that! Did you live or didn't you?!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha wow -- I can't wait! I will say: never think it's okay to go without the sunscreen. I've learned that time after very painful time!

♥ Kathy said...

I DEFINITELY want to know if you made it out alive (although I assume since this post is here you survived at least long enough to write this much)!!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm going to have to come up with something to pay the ransom and we can get part 2. Sounds like an insane trip!

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Gotta love that ol' Murphy and his law. Someone should work on getting that repealed, huh. Thanks for sharing, Helen.