Monday, October 11, 2010

A Snow Day to Warm Your Heart

Remember when you were a child, and a snow day meant fun and discovery instead of a back ache from shoveling, or a face full of wet snow coming at you speedily from the snowblower?   Can you call to mind being called indoors for a cup of hot chocolate and a change into clothes warmed from the heat of the radiator?  Do you recall just hoping the day wouldn't end, and when it did, that another snow day would be coming around soon?
Well, Billy Coffey revives that sense of discovery, adventure, comfort, and warmth with his first book, Snow Day.  (And lucky you, it is available today.  Go ahead and order it.  I'll wait here...)

His protagonist, Peter Boyd, is an easy to relate to likable man, who is both proud and humble at the same time.  He sees the beauty in the people around him, and finds someone to learn from in every situation.  I love how Billy Coffey interweaves the stories of various townspeople into the larger theme of Peter Boyd's search for and finding of purpose.

Snow Day is an excellent book to give away as a Christmas gift, and exceptional book to read any time of year.  Allow Snow Day to melt your heart this year!


katdish said...

"both proud and humble at the same time" -- that's such an accurate description of both Peter Boyd and Billy Coffey. Thanks, Helen. What a wonderful review.

Wendy said...

Still reading my copy! Wait - don't tell me how it ends. You wanted to, didn't you?