Wednesday, December 22, 2010

So Tell Me, Will I Be Able to Wiggle My Pinky Toe?

Because I wasn't able to before....

What does an elephant do if it breaks a toe?
Gives up ballet dancing.

Good news!   The tape is off the toesies!  I have been away from my computer for a while because I cracked three of my toes in four places.   I know.   What does that have to do with anything?   It's not like I type with my toes!   Well, for the first three weeks, the doctor wanted me to have my foot elevated at all times,  minus eating and peeing of course.  And of course I went to Church and taught CCD.  And of course I went to Christmas parties.  In other words, I obeyed the doctor 95% the time, which is the best I've done in obeying a man since my daddy was alive.   (Bob has a special kind of way of convincing me he is right so that by the end of a discussion I usually agree with him, so the word "obey" hardly fits in such situations.)  And speaking of Bob, he was a darling who even took on the cooking responsibilities while I was elevating my foot.   Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out a position for me at my computer desk that would allow my toes to be higher than my heart.
The next two weeks the doctor allowed me to put weight on my foot and do what I want, but with the tape still on it.  That meant that for every hour I spent on my foot, I wanted it elevated for an hour and a half.   (Really.  My feet swell during the day, and swollen and taped toesies are no fun.   It feels like the tape is trying to choke the toes.   That's right.  My toes couldn't breathe!)
So now with Christmas a few days away, I need to spend time cleaning house.  My only company is my uncle who knows the situation, but still, it wouldn't look very hospitable if my house was a mess.  I won't be able to make up for five weeks in a few days, so my decorating is limited to a wreath and tree in the window, the throws my mom made on the furniture, and a poinsettia on the dining room table.  I suppose that since this is my first Christmas without Momma, I really don't want more than that (except for Bob to find the creche) anyway, but now I have a reasonable excuse.
So now that the tape is off the toesies, I can dance on the table for Christmas!  (Not really.)


Wendy said...

Little tootsies need to breathe! It's sad to see them gasping for breath you know. Just sad.

So glad you're back online! Now get on the twitter more so you'll be back in the ho-down!

jasonS said...

Glad you're healing nicely. We definitely missed you and the joy you bring. :)

Merry Christmas Helen!

sherri said...

Glad your toes are breathing!

Have a blessed Christmas, Sweet Helen!