Thursday, June 3, 2010

So, How Are Those New Year's Resolutions Coming Along?

I got a call from myself a little while ago offering me and interview with me. How could I pass up a sweet deal like that?

HRM: It's been awhile...
Helen: I know. Mom was still alive the last time we did an interview...
HRM: I remember. I haven't wanted to push, and waited until you came to me...
Helen: Thanks. I know our banter is meant to be friendly, but I wasn't sure I could take the ribbing for a while.
HRM: I'll try to be gentle. Notice I haven't said a thing about the ickiness of your breath from the leftover garlic chicken you had for lunch.
Helen. Yes. Thanks for that.
HRM: Our last interview was about New Year's Resolutions. How has that been going?
Helen: Well Gee, HRMie, thanks for throwing a softball at me... It's not like people lose track of their New Year's Resolutions by June or anything!
HRM: Did that happen? Did you push your New Years Resolutions aside?
Helen: Actually, no. I sort of readjusted them.
HRM: How so?
Helen: Well, take my promise to find something new to be grateful for every day.... I have given myself permission to take the word new out of that resolution.
HRM: Huh?
Helen: If I am grateful for sunshine three days in a row, that is not such a bad thing. I still try to think of something else, but if I am truly grateful for sunshine, why fight it?
HRM: Okay.... I'm sure that makes sense to you in your head. What about your New Year's Resolution to take care of yourself? How is that going?
Helen: It hit a rocky patch in February. I felt bad that I left Mom's bedside the day before she died to get rest because I was taking care of myself. But then, had I KNOWN she was going to die, I would have put her first. I really thought I was just pacing myself for when she came home..
HRM: Understandable, Helen. Understandable. I of all people know you are not omnipotent.
Helen: Still, I felt really bad about that for a while. Luckily Lent was a few weeks away, which meant giving up stuff out of love for God if not for myself. I gave up things that I felt I was at risk of leaning on instead of Him, like wine and donuts...
HRM: Friends?
Helen: Oh no! I leaned on friends plenty! They kept encouraging me with prayers and kind words. I considered them to be a gift from God, still do.
HRM: What did you do after Lent?
Helen: I started to compromise with me. I can only eat sweets or chips I make myself. It's not like I WANT to bake or slice potatoes all the time.... Maybe once every couple of weeks, and then ration the goodies carefully. If we are having company, I'll sometimes make an exception and buy a pie.
HRM: I suppose that provides for some balance...
Helen: Then I switched from white bread to whole grain wheat. I never ate wheat bread before. It is actually very tasty! Later I started to increase my water intake. In May I started exercising, but then fell off the wagon when I started my garden. Gardening leaves me sore! I hope it counts as exercise!
HRM: I'd say that anything that leaves you sore can count as exercise, but I know Wendy will TWSS that before I even hit publish! She can smell a TWSS from any computer she has ever corresponded with, I think!
Helen: LOL! I think you may be right!
HRM: So that's it?
Helen: Nah! When the weather gets warmer, I'll be setting aside at least two days a week to go to the local pool and exercise, even if I was gardening. I love the pool!
HRM: So you'll just do what you already started, but better...
Helen: Sure, why not? I also started eating more lettuce. Romaine, not iceberg. If my garden grows right, but August, I will be eating mostly homegrown vegetables! Another way I'll be taking better care of myself. I'm sort of just adding one thing a month and trying to make that a habit.
HRM: One thing a month? Will you ever actually meet your New Year's goal of taking care of yourself with only one positive change a month?
Helen: I'll make a lasting change, hopefully.
HRM: So you are going to swim in the winter!
Helen: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe in November I'll switch my goal to using the stationary bike collecting dust in my basement. One thing at a time.
HRM: You won't be done by December!
Helen: Getting done isn't the point. There is no goal to reach here. My resolution was about a lifestyle change. There is no reason it can't continue into next year and the next. There is no reason that if around Christmas I goof and eat store bought Christmas cookies, I can't change again back to only home made goodies and get back in that habit again in January.
HRM: So you are planning to fall off the wagon!
Helen: No... I'm just saying that my resolution is working better for me as a slow process than as a list to follow immediately.
HRM: Sounds weak to me..
Helen: I thought you were going to be gentle!
HRM: That was before I knew that you were going to be a candy@$$ wuss!
Helen: This interview is over!
HRM: WAIT! Don't you want to say something to your friends out there?
Helen: Yes. Thank you, friends for all your prayers, care, and support. Your love has been a balm to my wounded heart.
HRM: You are welcome, Helen!
Helen: HEY! I wasn't talking to you HRMie! You just called me a candy@$$ wuss!
HRM: I was only teasing. You enjoyed it! Admit it!
Helen: Okay... perhaps I did....
HRM: Thank you for joining us. Don't wait so long next time...
Helen: Okay. We'll do this again when I come back from the Pirate Festival on Monday...
HRM: Pirate Festival!!
Helen: Yes. Didn't I mention that Bob and I will be getting away to Wisconsin for a bit on Saturday and Sunday? A little vacation time away..
HRM: Now THAT'S what I call taking care of yourself! Good job, candy@$$, I mean Helen.
Helen: Thanks...


Wendy said...

Would I TWSS you on your own blog? Okay, yeah, I totally would. And now I'm wondering what it would really be like if a person's @$$ was made of candy...

Duane Scott said...

Snort! Yes, exactly what does a @$$ made of candy look like. I'm off to by twizzlers.

Candy said...

I won't venture to answer Wendy or Duane's question, but I will stay it's wonderful to have HRM back and to see you taking such good care of yourself, Helen!

jasonS said...

Did you mean giving up wine and donuts separately or just as a combo? I've never had them as a combo so I don't think it would be that hard, but I have to admit, I am intrigued. :)

Blessings, Helen!

Sherri Murphy said...

Love your HRM posts! Good to see the return of Helen the (almost) omnipotent! Wonderful attitude, Helen. I love you.

katdish said...

YAY! I love a good Helen/HRM interview!

Can't wait to hear all about the pirate adventures!

Perhaps a Helen/HRM/Bob interview?

Stephanie Wetzel said...

Hey! I loved the interview too! I hope after the festival HRM interviews you and Bob in Pirate English. YAR.

♥ Kathy said...

I love it when you do this :) I think you're doing great with your resolutions!

MollyinMinn said...

This was a great dialogue. Loved reading it. And sounds like you are on track to me...

Beth said...

Yay! HRM!