Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Read the Latest Stephanie Plum Book

I have mentioned before that I love to read mysteries. I believe I have also mentioned an obsession with books authored by Janet Evanovich. The Stephanie Plum series is very enjoyable for its humor and creativity. I especially love the character Grandma Mazur. She always does something so wacky and free spirited, it makes me not dread getting old. Getting old will be an excuse to do whatever I want and not give a hoot about what any one else thinks.
I have finished reading her latest book, Fearless Fourteen. I waited forever and a day and a half to get the book on interlibrary loan. I do not buy books if I can help it. I do not have a paying job. My husband is the only person getting a paycheck. We both get books from the library first if we can. Sometimes, if we love the book and want to pass it to friends, we later buy the book. You can't tell a friend "You really must get your name on the list at the library to get out this book on interlibrary loan. It is fabulous!" Not unless asked. As a matter of fact, I originally started reading Evanovich because my husband's cousin lent me the first three novels at once, and I was hooked!

Spoiler Alert!
I did not feel, however, that this was her best mystery. I think the humor was every bit as evident as it is in any of her mysteries. My disappointment is in the mystery itself. The culprit isn't introduced in the story until he is discovered. What a disappointment! I love to figure out who did it. I knew it was an inside job before the main clue. I counted on the culprit having been introduced somewhere in the book. I even reread the book! Not even a passing mention. Would I recommend this book? That depends on what you want to read. If you want to read something that is fall down laughing funny, 100% yes! If you want to read a mystery, no, no, no, no a thousand more times no!

Also, if you can't stand books with sexual situations between nonmarried people, you won't like this series. I don't approve of premaritial sex, but I accept it as a reality in some people's lives, and can deal with reading about it so long as it is part of the plot and not the plot.

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