Friday, August 29, 2008

Is it real, or is it Memorex? A view of the DNC from Chicago with Kodak moments behind us

I will start this with a confession. I did not watch the Democratic National Convention on television. Political speeches are bad for my blood pressure. I could not have both political speeches and salt, so guess who won. :Jesus talked about salt as if it were a good thing. I don't remember any positive references to politicians from the Saviour.
So what makes me qualified to comment? I do read both Chicago newspapers. And I might look up the text of a speech on the web. Reading it does not make my blood boil the way watching a politician praise another politician who can advance his or her career, or negate the accomplishments of an opponent.
BTW, I will not watch the RNC either. If I hear one more person talk about Rezko, I'll scream. Obama admitted that while he did not do anything illegal, it was "boneheaded" (his word, not mine) of him to have a real estate deal going on with someone who was being investigated for corruption. He admitted it was stupid. How much more can you expect from a politician?
Anyways, this is not what I am refering to in the title of this post. I am refering to Chicago politics. I don't know if it made national news at all, but local news has been abuzz for the last couple of days because Jesse Jackson Jr. hugged Bobby Rush at a breakfast at the DNC given by Daley, and called for healing and unity between Chicago politicians. Then mayor Daley hugged Congressman Jackson, who was in tears. Then the Congressman called for unity between Speaker of the IL House Madigan and IL governor Blagoyevich. Yes, they too emabraced. A Kodak moment. Let's just say that they have not worked well and played with others since the beginning of Rod's second term. The gossip is that Madigan won't work with Blago because he wants him to look bad so his daughter Lisa can be elected governor next term. That is ridiculous. Rod Blagoyevich is quite capable of looking bad all by himself! He does not need help! (Yes, he's done some good things, but he has the political savy of my dead golfish Henrietta!)
The title of this post refers to the debate amongst ourselves here in Chicago whether this lovefest was for real or was it put on for show. My belief is yes. Both. The Democratic Party in IL has the potential to make Obama look bad. Obama says he can unify the country, but his own party in his own state can't get along any better than preschoolers who all want to be on the tire swing at the same time. They need to not only show unity for the sake of their nominee, but they need to actually be unified so they don't embarass him
So yes, I think it is for real. I believe they will work harder to work together. I just wish they could have done it for the sake of those who they represent, the voters, instead of for the sake of their nominee.

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