Thursday, January 14, 2010

Word Association Football : Five Little Words...

"Kathy at Happy at Home did a "Psychological Test" meme in which you are supposed to say the first word that comes into your head after they say their word. I thought it looked like fun, so I asked her to send me five words as well. So here they are.

Kathy said love
Helen said Bob
: Of course. Bob is the love of my life. Sure it would have been more spiritual if I said "God" or "Jesus", but at least I didn't say "Drambuie", right?

Kathy said work
Helen said dusting
: I have always hated dusting. I blame the allergies. And the fact that if I complained to mom that I was bored, she'd hand me some torn (but clean) old undies, and tell me to start dusting. Needless to say, I learned to keep myself occupied.

Kathy said dogs
Helen said cute
: Okay, why did I say dogs are cute when I have allergies? Because they are. If I could get one at the pound, I'd ask Bob if we could get one of them hypoallergenic breeds. But somehow I don't expect to find one of them at the pound...

Kathy said ocean
Helen said Pacific
: Sigh. We had our honeymoon in Hawaii. The Pacific Ocean tastes marvelous....

Kathy said purple
Helen said grape
: Even though I look fabulous in purple, I always say it makes me look like a grape so that I sound humble. Now you know my secret.


♥ Kathy said...

aww that was great Helen!! Thanks for playing along ♥

Wendy said...

Stop drinking the Pacific Ocean, Helen. It's just not right.

sherri said...

Helen- you're crazy.