Monday, February 14, 2011

OWW! Don't Aim the Rocks at My Face, Please! (A Valentine's Day Post)

Did I ever mention that Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately" is Bob and my song.  Yep.  Our song.  It became so when we chose it for our first dance as a married couple at our wedding reception.  Bob suggested it because I used to like to tease him. (Actually, I still do...)

Me:  Did I tell you today that I love you?
Bob:  Not yet....
Me:  Well, remind to mention it before you take me home...

This was our little ritual of exchange when we were engaged.  That, and the much renowned

Me:  I love you!
Bob:  I love you, too!
Me:  I love you THREE!
Bob:  I love you FOUR!
Me:  I love you MORE!

Seriously, if Facebook had been around when we first started dating, we could have met the fate of the couple in the following video...

Some days, we still pose a danger to ourselves.  Like today.  Yes.  We ARE celebrating Valentine's Day.  We do every year.  And no, we don't help to keep the candy makers and florists in business.   We do it our own way, so florists and candy makers will be lining up with rocks, too.

How will we be celebrating Valentine's Day?  (Yes, I know you weren't asking, but I'm going to pretend you were!  So there!)  We order take out from the restaurant we had our first date in (because they knocked the place down and built a fancy place where you can only get their pizza on the take out menu, not in house, and we want pizza with sausage and diet cola because that is what we ate on our first date! ) and pick a romantic DVD we saw together when we were first dating or engaged (like "Three Little Words" or "'Til the Clouds Roll By", or maybe the movie we saw on our first movie date, "While You Were Sleeping"). Sometimes we go to Denny’s for coffee like we used to late at night after seeing a movie together before we were married. 

I am glad we celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way, rather than as a commercial suggests.   We choose to celebrate OUR love, and not what anyone tells us love is... (Really, if I see another "He went to Jared" commercial, as if we don't like gifts that AREN'T from Jared, I will rip out the television and throw it in the foot of snow that is left in the yard!)

Bob, honey, if you by any chance I reading this post today, I love you, and I love us together!  Let the stones fly, so long as my hands are in yours, my love!


SarahBeeCreations said...

I love it! What a sweet tradition

saphyreplatypus said...

I really enjoy this post! I think it is far more significant and romantic that you re-live your "first" together. Without those moments your relationship just wouldn't be the same!

My husband and I don't celebrate a traditional Valentine's "flowers and chocolate" kind of day either. This year we hit home depot and bought tools for the garden we plan to plant this year at our new house.

katdish said...

Y'all are so cute. Celebrations ahoy!

Annie K said...


Anonymous said...

That's great, Helen! Hope you had a wonderful day. :)