Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why I Don't Need An E-book to Help Me Buy a Car, Thanks!!!

Okay, I have been getting a lot of Anonymous spam comments on this blog lately about how to go about getting a free e-book online to help when buying a new car.   So I am going to share with you how I go about shopping for a new car.

(I dial the phone.)
Me:  Hi Bobby!... er I mean Bob.  How's my favorite cousin? (to the untrained eye, it may seem I am buttering him up, but watch what happens..)
Cousin Bob:  My brother is fine, thanks....
Me:  Ha ha ha ha!  Your so funny!  And correct.   Rick always could make me laugh!  (This is how we kid each other) Though you being 10 years older than him, and 14 years older than me, we always SO looked up to you....(See the way I subtly kid him about his age ...)
Cousin Bob:  Yeah, he's a good guy.  Great sense of humor.  We go golfing every Saturday, so long as there isn't snow.
Me:  Really?  You don't let the cold weather stop you?
Cousin Bob:  Nah!  It's great weather for golfing!  No waiting for slower players like you do in Spring and Summer.
Me:  Well that sure is one way to look at it!   How are the girls?
Cousin Bob: Good, good... How about you?  So what's new with you?
Me:  Well, my husband and I have been thinking about buying a new car.
Cousin Bob:  Any particular model?
Me:  No.   We trust your judgement in what will give us good mileage and last longer than most marriages... (He and his wife have been married almost thirty years)
Cousin Bob:  Okay.  I'll give you a call when something I like comes in the dealership.
Me:  Thanks Bobby, er, I mean Bob.  We appreciate it!
Cousin Bob:  So did you read the email I sent you about using wasp spray instead of pepper spray on an intruder?
Me: I DID!  And....(blah blah blah, conversation which you are most likely not as interested in as we are continues)

So you see, Anonymous car spammers, I don't need directions to a website that will tell me how to shop for a car, I already know how!  I call my cousin the car salesman!  HELLO-OH!  And as for my friends, I'd tell them to call my cousin the car salesman!  And if they live across the country, I'd give them his email address so he could give them advice!   He's a great guy, and I don't just say that because he is my cousin!  Strangers come into the dealership he works, buy a car, and like him so well they join his softball team and invite him to their weddings!  (Seriously.  I meet these people when he barbecues in the Summer!)  I don't need your website or free e-book, and neither does my blog!

And I am positive that if Cousin Bobby, er Bob somehow sees this post, he'll be cool with the cartoon in the beginning.  He sells Chevys!


Anonymous said...

I hope they respect your wishes to be left alone, but something tells me they might not give a rat's behind. Here's to hope though! :)

That was great Helen.

seekingpastor said...

The spam I have been getting almost sounds like a real person, but have a hard time with adverbs. Bless their hearts.

Annie K said...

Just the fact that your cousin sells Chevys...well, I consider him family now.

ps - I made a dang mean goulash last night. With dumplings. Grandma Sabo would've been proud.