Friday, March 25, 2011

The First Twitter Ho Down Post of March

Do you know what we haven't had here in ages?  A HO DOWN!  A twitter ho down to be exact.  This time I've made it easy for you, and you can just follow along like it was  a conversation.   I know.  I'm spoiling you. 

dlrayburn @duane_scott So how is your "daddy" doing?
duane_scott @dlrayburn are you asking me who my daddy is? Really.
Helenatrandom @duane_scott @dlrayburn I HATE the expression "Who's your daddy?" Ummm.... a man who'd beat the crap out of any man who'd ASK me that...
dlrayburn @duane_scott Drink some more coffee buddy... that said How not who. ;-)

katdish Random fact: The honey bee kills more people each year than venomous snakes. Happy Spring, y'all!
Helenatrandom katdish Okay, now I feel guilty for putting honey in my whiskey (medicinal purposes only...). Now I'll have to learn to drink it straight.

RobinMArnold Pretty sure my phone is laying dead somewhere in the house. Not sure I care.
Helenatrandom@RobinMArnold PHONICIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shouldn't you get the CSI's down there, ASAP?

Helenatrandom @br8kthru @sarahmsalter BTW, is it too late for me to take my name out of the drawing for Mere Christianity? I told my husband about the
Helenatrandom @br8kthru @sarahmsalter the book discussion, and he forbade me... KIDDING!!!! Actually, he dug his copy out of a box in the basement and
sarahmsalter @Helenatrandom LOL! You should've seen how big my eyes just got!! :o) @br8kthru
Helenatrandom@sarahmsalter I know. Sometimes my sense of humor is a little.... "too much?" @br8kthru

Helenatrandom @Psych_USA Why pineapple? Because it's the symbol of hospitality? Because of it's odd shape? Because bananas are too suggestive? WHY???

Schnik I really want to announce something exciting but I'm waiting on one more thing before I do. Stay tuned.
Helenatrandom@Schnik Suspense!! Do you know how to keep a lunatic in suspense for 24 hours?
Helenatrandom @Schnik hehehehehehe!!!!!!!! I'll tell you tomorrow!!! :-0

Helenatrandom My cousin just sent me an email telling me how he doubled the value of his car! He filled it with gas.

funnyoneliners "My chicken outranks your chicken, Colonel Sanders!" - General Tso RT @zombot

RobinMArnold Meat eaters don't taste good." Guy talking about lions on Terry Gross show. Interesting.
Helenatrandom@RobinMArnold One more reason to not become a vegetarian...

duane_scott “@weightwhat: @duane_scott I do what I can.” // Care to give me a name for a character? A wife who's married to a surgeon. She's 38.
@weightwhat @duane_scott What's the surgeon's name?
duane_scott @weightwhat Roy. He's 40 and balding. @Helenatrandom
Helenatrandom@duane_scott What is she like? Is she 40 and balding? Is she a trophy wife? Booby prize wife? @weightwhat
Helenatrandom @duane_scott Are you looking for a whimsical name? Dickensian? @weightwhat
weightwhat @Helenatrandom AAAAA!!!! You said booby!
@Helenatrandom@weightwhat Yep. And I got you to say it, too!