Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Book and It's Cover

I know we are not supposed to judge a book by it's cover, but seriously, I am tired of having to use this boring picture for my posts on Mere Christianity.   There are pictures of that book with snazzier covers (which my blog deserves), but wouldn't it be lying if I were to use those pictures instead of the picture of the cover I have?   I'm beginning to regret telling Sarah and Jason to remove me from the book giveaway drawing because I already had the book.  I should have stayed in the contest, then passed my copy on to Duane or Dusty after I won.  But did I think of that in time? No.  Now my snazzy blog is marred by that boring cover, sitting there off to the side, mocking me for being such a dope.  With the word "Christianity" in it's title, you'd think it would be above mocking me, but it's not.   It had better be careful, or I'll take out my glitter and sequins, glue it to my copy, and upload the picture here!  That out to teach it not to taunt me!

Speaking of disturbing, I just looked up my reading history on my local library's website.    Apparently I read over 200 library books in the last  three years.  That means that the amount of money I would have spent would have been between $667 (paperback) and $2,000 (hardcover) yearly.   BTW, I still buy some books, and get some as gifts.  My point?  I am grateful for libraries, because $2000 would blow quite a huge hole in my budget.  My husband has never complained that I don't have a job, and we do just fine, but that is a lot of money!  (Which, writer's, publisher's, book binders, printers, etc. all deserve btw!)

Now that the weather is getting nicer, I'm going to spend more time outdoors, reading and gardening and walking.  I'll need more bug spray.  I LOVE the smell of OFF!™ bug spray.   I have ever since I was a little kid.  I'd wear it as perfume, but Bob discourages that, especially in the winter.  Oh well.  Nobody is perfect.

Here is a taste of the disturbing future:  next Tuesday you will have the opportunity to read a post where I mention rideable ducks.   Enjoy the picture I'm leaving in your head.

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katdish said...

Rideable ducks? And I have to wait until Tuesday? Drats.

Anonymous said...


SarahBeeCreations said...

I love the smell of books - can't be replaced by the electronic versions. That said - Warm up the Bedazzler!

Duane Scott said...


This is a hoot!

I suggest you get out the dazzler and give that book a facelift.


I too, love the smell of Off. My wife doesn't know that about me yet tho.