Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy April Fool's Day!

Thank you to Photobucket for the image, and Matt for the idea.

I don't do pranks.  Okay, maybe a little... My idea of a good prank is to hide the salt shaker, then put it right in front of the plate of the person who asked for it when they are distracted and turn away.  I know.  I'm a wild woman.   

I guess I just have a lot to learn about pranking....
(OH WAIT!  There was the time I... Nah.  I'll save it for when Wendy starts up the Life is Funny blog carnival again.)

Please describe your favorite prank, done by you or to you, in the comment section.  Thanks for teaching me! 

1 comment:

Duane Scott said...

My favorite was this last April Fool's when I told everyone I was gonna be a daddy.