Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lucky Me! I Scored Another Inteview With Myself!

I do believe that yesterday I promised you that I would interview myself about my birthday. I said that before checking with myself, but luckily I was in a good mood from all the attention I got yesterday, and was quite agreeable.

HRM: So tell us, how did you spend your Birthday?
Helen: Well, the first thing I did was oversleep....No wait, I went to bed at 1:00 a.m. So I guess the first thing I did on my birthday was exchange tweets with Wendy. Then I went to my mom's room to give her an opportunity to wish me a Happy Birthday. Don't worry, she wasn't asleep. Then I went to bed and overslept.
HRM: Is that how this interview is going to go? Minute by minute details ....
Helen: Hey, it could have been worse. I could have mentioned what Wendy and I were tweeting...
HRM: I have seen your tweets with her. You are correct. That would have been much worse! So, what did you do when you woke up?
Helen: Well, I spent time with my mom and my Uncle John. Uncle John was kind enough to spend my birthday with me. I love Uncle John. He's been my favorite Uncle since even before when I had other uncles...He's the best!
HRM: Do anything special with them during the day?
Helen: Just hung out. That was enough. The day before, my husband's uncle and cousin came over with flowers for me, and my dear friend from college called me in the evening. I guess you could say the excitement has been spread out...
HRM: Did you get lots of Birthday wishes?
Helen: Are you kidding? My friends in the blogosphere went all out. Peter gave bonus entries to a contest to people who'd wish me Happy Birthday, Annie found a polka of 80's songs for me, Candy found a video of supermarket salsa dancers for me, Wendy wrote a Happy Birthday post for me, Sherri started a fan club for me, Katdish posted about my birthday yesterday AND today, thus extending the excitement even longer, Becca at Homefront posted a Happy Birthday post and answered my meme, Beth wrote a poem for me, people came from their blogs to wish me a Happy Birthday on my blog, tweeted Happy Birthday, and I got cards from my family. People were so kind and made me feel so good and happy!
HRM: You are blessed to have found such a great group of people on line.
Helen: In the words of the woman who should be our Vice President but isn't, You betcha!
HRM: No politics today. We'll make arrangements to discuss that at another time if you like.
Helen: Sorry. I got carried away. The media twisted everything she said, you know. It's no wonder she wouldn't do interviews...
HRM: Another time. Relax. You know I don't twist your words. Snort. Sorry.
Helen: It's all right. We do have fun together. Don't we?
HRM: You may be odd, but at least I have eachother!
Helen: I can say that again!
HRM: Too funny! Anyway, back to your birthday. What did Bob get you?
Helen: Oh, he was very busy. He bought and ice cream cake...
HRM: Did he light it on fire?
Helen: Are you kidding? Forty candles on an ice cream cake!
HRM: Good point....
Helen: He bought me a balloon, a card, and brought home Brown's chicken with all of my favorite sides.
HRM: Well, it sounds like he was busy.
Helen: I'm still waiting for my grandma's ring to come back, and then
HRM: What?
Helen: My grandmother's ring. My mom tried to give me my grandma's ring after she died, but I thought mom should have it. I put in a cherished place, and tried for years to get mom to have it sized to her finger. A couple of years ago, I decided to accept it graciously, but wait for my fortieth birthday to have it resized and wear it.
HRM: Why fortieth?
Helen: Because it comes before fiftieth and sixtieth.
HRM: Wise girl!
Helen: No, really. At thirty nine, I was depressed that the next year would be fortieth. I had been dreading fortieth for a long time because that number seemed like the nail in the coffin of my infertility.
HRM: Go on...
Helen: My grandma was in her late sixties when I was born, yet I remember her as more fully alive when I was a child than anyone else I knew. She was so cheerful, she seemed younger than my parents in some ways. She didn't look younger, but she could listen to music or watch t.v. with me without critiquing my taste. She was a positive person and could just be there for me. She was vibrant. She had ups and downs in her life (you should right about that some time HRM), but she was vibrant. What is there to stop me from following her good example? I'm going to look at her ring, and allow myself to be inspired by her vibrancy!
HRM: Can we see the ring?
Helen: It's still at the jewelry shop, but when it is ready, I will snap a picture and post it.
HRM: Anything else to add?
Helen: Well, I had a meeting to go to for CCD teachers. They sang Happy Birthday to me.
HRM: That was nice.
Helen: Yes, it was.
HRM: So, when shall we plan our next interview.
Helen: Planning is over rated! Let's just play it by ear!
HRM: Okay dokey! What's next on your agenda today?
Helen: Tweeting this post!
HRM: It figures....


Anonymous said...

I love it! What amazing questions and answers. It appears you can practically finish each others! ;)

Wendy said...

Oh Helen, no one talks to you like you do! :o)

jasonS said...

That was great- glad you had time to sit down with yourself and do the interview. :)

Stephanie Wetzel said...

So glad you asked yourself how your birthday went. If I were a really good friend, I would've done more than Tweet "OH! Happy Birthday!" late in the day.

Sorry. I'm terrible. An interview between me and myself would be all yelly. And possibly stabby.

Which reminds me... When will we see a Helen/HRM cage fight? I'd pay cash money to see that.

Beth E. said...

Hi, Helen...
I hopped over from Candy's blog - a day late - to wish you a belated happy birthday! I'm behind on my blog reading. Sorry 'bout that.

You are a hoot! I love the's like you could read each other's minds or something! LOL

I hope you'll come to visit me at my blog sometime.

And girl...40 is a piece of cake! You'll have a great year, I just know it. :-)


Sherri Murphy said...

You just have a way of getting yourself to open up.

Are your interviews with yourself exclusive?

These are my favorite posts, as you know. Right behind your post on the Nativity.

Sherri Murphy said...

You just have a way of getting yourself to open up.

Are your interviews with yourself exclusive?

These are my favorite posts, as you know. Right behind your post on the Nativity.

Candy said...

you told me you are shy. You are not shy when talking amongst yourselves. You give RB a run for his money - great interview!

I have to disagree with Wendy - she is like your sister from another mister. Whoa, your tweetversation was quite entertaining!

Peter P said...

I got 7 entries on your post this week.

I think that's a record.

Why do you ever talk to anyone else when you can have such great conversations with yourself?