Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dance Wars

I was watching Dance Wars:Bruno Vs. Carrie Anne last night, and I found myself rooting for Carrie Anne's team every week because Bruno's attitude gets on my nerves.  He is constantly criticizing Carrie Anne's team, claiming they do not look like they have it together, while he has nothing but praise for his own team.  Carrie Anne however, is more likely to criticize his choreagraphy than the performance of his dance team.  Bruno seems to go so far as to criticize the American audience for not appreciating his team's effort and result.  What a fantastic idea!  When the fans are not voting for your team because of your attitude, blame the fans for not knowing when they are entertained!  I hope for his team's sake that someone lets him know that it is his attitude, not the team or the fans who are to blame for his team's losses. I believe his team will lose again because of his attitude last night.  Hopefully, he gains some perspective, or at least learns some manners by next week.

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