Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mystery critique Murder Can Depress Your Daschund

Selma Eichler is the author of the wonderful Desiree Shapiro mysteries. I like Desiree, because, aside from being short, she reminds me of myself, red hair,dimpled knees and good humored. I first started this series when I was between Joanne Fluke, Donna Andrews, and Jill Churchill mysteries. Now Selma Eichler is one of my top choices. I really liked her latest mystery, and even though it is a series, she explains stuff that happened in the past when it is relevant (sometimes I skip over those, since I started at the beginning). The situations are believable, since she is a PI (much as I enjoy Diane Mott Davidson, I find it hard to believe a caterer can run into that much murder). The character development is also excellent, especially considering the scope of all the book in the series. I highly recommend this series.

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