Friday, February 29, 2008

Mystery critique Play it Again Spam

This Pennsylvania Dutch mystery was quite amusing. I was especially amused that Tamar Myers gave a shout out to Selma Eichler, who gave her a shout out in a later book of hers. I don't know if they actually know each other, but it is nice when people extend professional courtesies to one another. Most authors write about their protaganists love for Agatha Christie. While her books are excellent, I prefer to listen to them on tape, since I tend to need to obsessively read everything an author ever wrote once I begin her work. If I actually read her books, 79 of them, I do believe, then I would never be able to get anything else done! Besides, then my mom and I can listen together.
Well anyway, the protagonist, Magdalena Yoder, is a Mennonite Bed and Breakfast Proprietor. She is a morally upright woman, which is nice to read about. Sometimes she is judgemental, but nobody is perfect, and being judgemental is a sin us morally upright women do have to look out for. She has a sharp tongue, and equally sharp wit. I like her. She will be my new best friend, at least until I finish the rest of The Pennsylvania Dutch Mystery Series.

By the way, the stuffed peppers were pretty good. I do like them better with red pepper than green.

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