Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Republican National Convention and McCain's V.P. Choice

Yeah, I know, it didn't actually start yet. It has been postponed into a fundraiser for victims of hurricane Gustav. Good. I don't think anyone is prepared to cheer, bark, or hug while our hopes and prayers are with Louisiana. Stacy from Louisville did a lovely post a couple of days ago reminding people to pray. I am ashamed to admit, that while I would watch the news about Gustav's possibilities, I would worry, but forget to pray. Now I try to remember to offer prayers for the victims of Gustav every time I hear it on the news.
I am glad for McCain's choice for V.P. I realize she is inexperienced, but she is very pro-life. That seems to be my main criteria for voting now. Do I believe we would be more prosperous under a President from the Democratic party? In a way. But if we continue to support abortion, we are sure to incur the wrath of God sooner or later. Then where would be our prosperity? It would turn to dust. I fear God more than economic downturn. Yes, I am a Christian, and saved from the fires of hell. But that doesn't exempt me from whatever is doled out here on earth. He punished Moses for hitting a rock when it was contrary to His word. What is the punishment for legalised murder?
So every time I hear or read a criticism of Sarah Palin, it is out balanced in my heart by her strong pro-life stand. Yes, she would be "one heart beat away from the presidency" as V.P. And yes, I've heard that McCain is older than dirt, so she could actually be our second to next president. Here inexperience may mean that prosperity will be a long way away. But at least it won't mean destruction.

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