Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fast from Presidential Campaign in the Name of Ocular Health!

I may have to fast from the presidential campaign for a week or so. My momma told me this would happen. My momma told me that if I kept rolling my eyes up into my head whenever someone said or did something dumb my eyes would stay that way. I must have tried to roll my eyes before I finished the previous eye roll, because I am getting a headache from all this.
The orgin of my pain is the comment by Senator Obama the other day which included the phrase "like putting lipstick on a pig". First my eye started rolling because it was obviously a takeoff on the whole lipstick/pitbull joke Sarah Palin used at the RNC. Yes, the phrase existed before he used it. No, I have never used or heard the expression used in Illinois, so his reasoning on Late Night with David Letterman that it is a common expression in Illinois is flawed. Maybe he heard it on the campaign trail in farm country, but certainly not in Chicago, where he hails from lately. I can't read men's hearts, but it did seem to be like the crowd who was guffawing was linking it with the pitbull comment made by Palin. Obama is an extremely intelligent man. He should stop pretending that the correlation never occurred to him.
That being said, I couldn't even finish my eyeroll when I heard that the McCain campaign is demanding an apology. An apology?! This is politics people. Candidates are supposed to spin clever comments made by their opponents to their own advantage. It seems to me that the McCain campaign is now playing the gender card, and that is wrong. I really like Gov. Palin because of her strong pro-life stand. Unless she changes her mind within the next 54 days, she has my vote. (That's right, she does. I still have my problems with McCain's "moderate" stand on abortion.) But how can an experienced politician be offended by a colloquial expression, even if it resembles a joke she told about herself. I know she owns lipstick, but does she own the patent to expressions with lipstick on any given animal? I think not.
I care about the pro-life cause, which is the only reason I ever vote Republican. Not many people are proud of being an "issue voter", and may be swayed away if the McCain campain gets stupid. I want babies to stop being murdered. I hope the Republicans don't blow this.

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