Monday, December 21, 2009

It's All in How You Curl the Ribbon...

If you read my last two posts, you won't be surprised that I am not "feeling the funny" lately (except when I go macabre), but I had this in my head for a "Life is Funny" post before that all was happening.

I may or may not have mentioned that a week ago Saturday, I had an early Christmas Party at my house. I know. You'd think that with the way I emphasize advent, I'd be allergic to Christmas parties this early, an I have to admit that I have been a bit of a snob about that in the past. I am the one who will suggest to a prayer group or Church organization that we have our Christmas Party between December 27 and 30 or January 2 and 6 so that we keep advent and Christmas separate. I am also the one whose hand is ignored at meetings when the Christmas party is being discussed.

So anyway, I don't know why I decided on December 12. I recognized the hypocrisy of my choice, and brought it up to mom. She liked December 12 as well, and we went with it on gut instinct. I'm glad because I don't know when she will be home from the hospital.

No. That is not my life is Funny post. That is a little writing tool I use called digression. I just digressed big time.

The funny thing is that we were doing an ornament exchange (think grab bag with ornaments) and since I am the worst Christmas Wrapper (not to be confused with "Christmas Rapper".) I bought gift bags to put Mom's, Bob's, my Uncle's, and my ornaments in.

Then I find out that Bob needs a grab bag gift for work, and it states it should be wrapped beautifully. Between Bob and me, they'd be lucky to get it wrapped at all. So I bought wrapping paper and lots of ribbon, and started practicing on those for ornament boxes, figuring that I could put the wrapped box in the bag later anyway, but needed to experiment a little before wrapping the gift for Bob's grab bag. (For those of you wondering why I was doing this and not Bob, just assume Bob wasn't going to give a candy cane about the wrap prettily directions...)

Now, the funny part of this story is that I have been deficient at present wrapping my whole life. I've tried and tried, but could never get the packages to look like I wanted them to. But while experimenting with ornaments, I just wrapped, ribboned, and curled without any forethought, and they came out beautifully. Same with the grab bag gift.

I find it funny that the harder I tried, the more awful looking it was, but when I was laid back and laissefaire, it turned out great. I wonder how many other things in my life work out like that. Something to think about...

Come and join my friend Wendy in her "Life is Funny" blog carnival. Really. It encourages me to find the humor in my life every week.


Wendy said...

I'm convinced that my husband wraps packages with his feet. I've never been able to catch him at it, so I can't prove it, but the "wrapped" package should be evidence enough. His packages scare me.

katdish said...

You just discovered one of the keys to creativity. Don't think, just do. Works for me anyway.

What's so hard about wrapping a present? Easy peasy! Then again, my first job was as a gift wrapper. I've had lots of practice.