Thursday, July 8, 2010

Different Song, Different Lyrics, I Promise!

I know. I haven't posted in a week. I blame Wendy. I know it is customary in our circle to blame katdish, but Wendy has NOT been keeping up with HER Life is Funny blog carnival. I really do try to participate in those.

How is her blog carnival different from Duane's Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays? Wendy's blog carnival is all about remember a funny incident from your life, either recent or in the past, and sharing it. Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays is all about rambling on and on in a stream of consciousness sort of way. One can plan for it, but then find that they are not typing what they planned to at all.

My new part time job is going great, thanks for asking (lots of you DO ask on the twitter, so no sarcasm, there). In two weeks and a day, it will be over. It has been interesting. I haven't worked with preschoolers for twenty years until now. When a preschooler puts a ball under her shirt, pretending to be pregnant, then ditches the ball and runs around with a doll proclaiming "I HAD MY BABY!!! I HAD MY BABY!!", that's completely cool, right? I usually just ask the baby's name....

It's music week, and my husband is disturbed that I am teaching the kids disco moves. "Aren't they a little young for this?" It's not like I'm teaching them to shake anything. My disco moves are pretty lame. You can't give what you don't have... So I think I'm in the safe zone. Any thoughts on this?

My Momma would be so proud of me! I have been wearing sunscreen and a huge hat. I know. I wrote about it last week. What I didn't mention is that when I was a child, my mom used to chase me around with sunscreen and wear hats, and I found it hugely embarrassing. Now that she is looking down from heaven, I know she just has to be laughing at me! (Also, the day I go DESPERATE for things to do with the little ones, and reverted to "Engine Engine Number Nine", a game she used to play with my cousins and me when I was little.)

I just looked up the lyrics on Google. Not THAT "Engine Engine Number Nine"! Good golly miss molly, I should now expect a bunch of complaints from parents thinking that I taught THAT to their kids when they say we played "Engine Engine Number Nine"...

Engine Engine Number Nine
running down Chicago line
please tell me the correct time
the correct time is what?
(Tapping a child's fist on every syllable)

(Child last tapped picks a number. Tap that many fists. Last fist tapped is out. Luckily they have two fists...)

What do you think I play with 3-7 year olds, backgammon?


Anonymous said...

The pregnant thing is totally cool. I would discourage any reenactments of labor and delivery, however.

Disco is totally fine, too. I bet their parents get a kick out of seeing what they learned!

Never heard of the Engine song... either one.

jasonS said...

Glad the job is going well! I still think you would be awesome to have as a teacher. Disturbed? Maybe, but there's a whole lot more pleasant there. :)

Duane Scott said...

Ha! This is funny stuff as usual.

I'm with Jason. Seems like you are being all cheerful and happy with these kids.

But when YOU start reinacting labor etc... then we'll know something's gone awry.

HisFireFly said...

Good golly Miss Helen.. you've gone pleasantly random, living up to your name!

Wendy said...

Blame! Wherever I go! Yeah, whatever. I'm a slacker. And my life has become much too boring lately.

I think teaching kids to disco is a fine thing. I keep trying to teach my daughter. She's anti-dancing though. Gets if from her father. Such a sad story.

~Brenda said...

The way you describe writing Pleasantly Disturbing Thursday's is the way I write all the time. I think we know what that says about me.

Sandra Heska King said...

I bet those kids love you!