Monday, August 9, 2010

Better to Laugh Than to Cry

The subject of this week's one word blog carnival is laughter.

My mother used to say it is better to laugh than to cry. In theory, I agree with her, but I have often laughed so hard that I ended up crying. That works for me, too.
Momma used to say that when I would tease her about some minor thing that she did that I found annoying. Then I'd feel guilty for teasing her and she'd say "Oh Helen, I'd rather you laugh about it than cry about it! It is better to laugh than to cry..."
Lately though, I have found that I can laugh at the annoying things I do as well. My friend Wendy does a blog carnival every week called Life is Funny.
I admit, I don't participate by writing a post each week, but even when I decide that I'm not ready to share something ridiculous I did, or that I don't have time to type it (read that as "too busy reading and commenting on other blogs to update my own"), I think about how my life is funny, and it usually is because of my own foibles.
I could cry for all the times I laughed and teased my mom for making me wear sunscreen, and now I keep a spare in my glove compartment "just in case". But I choose to laugh.
I could cry for all the times I teased mom about wearing a big straw hat, and I now have three. But I choose to laugh.
I could cry for all the times I teased mom about making me take a sweater "just in case" and how I never had one when I needed it because they are all in the car "just in case". Now I keep a shawl draped over the passenger seat instead. But I choose to laugh.
I could cry for all the times mom insisted I drink a cup of tea with my meal because it would digest my food better better, and I insisted I did not like tea. Since she died, I have been drinking up her tea from my cupboards, and find that I just needed to give tea a chance. But I choose to laugh.

Why do I laugh? Do I find joy in my foibles? No. But I do find joy in knowing my mom understood me, forgave me and loved me. I feel joy that God forgives me and loves me. I feel joy that I can share my foibles with you and find that you, my brothers and sisters, will forgive me and love me.

My dad used to like to tell jokes that taught a lesson. Maybe I also feel joy that I am allowed the privilege of learning from my mistakes. So I laugh...

Consider joining my friend Wendy's Life is Funny blog carnival. I find it a great opportunity to reflect on reflect on my foibles, laugh at them, and learn from them. (And yes, sometimes I share jokes that have taught me a lesson or two... Or a video that has nothing to do with my life. I'm imperfect here as well as in real life. Go figure...)


Glynn said...

You're right, Helen, laughter is a choice. Good post.

katdish said...

You've brought me so much laughter, Helen. I'm so grateful for that.

jasonS said...

I have my moments, but I would much rather laugh so that's what I choose. And wasn't "Give Tea a Chance" a lesser known hit by the Beatles? Just curious...

HisFireFly said...

I am choosing to laugh with you, my friend, even through tears!

Anonymous said...

Choosing to laugh... I like that much better!

Anonymous said...

So true, I often hear that inner voice, of my mom. She chose to be happy most of the time. Life is good.

Wendy said...

Okay, how did I miss this post from before?

I'm guessing your mom would be happy that you're laughing instead of crying. She'd want joy for you. :o)