Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hooray for Saturday: Allstate TV Ad: Jogger

Okay. My Uncle HATES HATES HATES these commercials. I, on the other hand, find them funny. Especially this one where he is wearing the pink headbands and carrying pink weights, and ... well, you get the picture. I think Allstate makes a great point here without actually objectifying women to make the point. This ad gets a thumbs up from me, and a special posting contribution to Hooray for Saturday blog carnival.


sherri said...

Pretty silly...perfect for a Saturday!

Wendy said...

Tell the truth now, Helen... You'd like anything that includes a pink headband and hand weights, wouldn't you?

♥ Kathy said...

I think those commercials are funny too :) Sorry it took me so long to get here Helen...I've just got too many things happening at once :(

Can you pray for my husband? He is having a defibrillator put in tomorrow morning.

Thanks, love you ♥