Thursday, August 12, 2010

T-shirts, Thyroid, Trouble, and Tootsies

Time for another Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday.

First of all, I am disturbed that the Pleasantly Disturbed T shirts don't come in my size. Just because I am large (as in triple x by size AND rating...), it doesn't mean that I shouldn't get to wear a t-shirt! (Please go tell Duane you are on my side on this. Unless you aren't. Then, stay out of it!)

I went to the doctor the other day. It was time for my yearly blood test. Technically, I only need a blood test every year to see if I need to up my thyroid medication dosage, but the doc likes to take more and do a CBC every year. Only sometimes he has trouble finding a vein and sends me to the hospital to do it. I insisted that since I had to see him anyway to get him to refill my prescriptions (he wants to see me every few months because of hypertension. Mine, not his...), he'd take the blood.

He said that it is hard to find my vein sometimes. I told him that I had confidence in him. Then after he drew the blood, I said "GOOD JOB! I knew you could do it!" His new assistant had a hard time to keep from laughing. No the doctor did not laugh, but he smiled. He did laugh when I told his assistant which drawer he would find the right tubes in...

The Doc's assistant was a little surprised that I could watch the doctor draw my blood. I said "Hey, what the heck! It's only a vein! But I'd hate to be the one taking the blood... People sometimes get mad if you keep poking them. " Yes. TWSS.

Prayer group was WONderful on Monday. People are bringing in different worship songs for us to sing together. It is really great. Only problem I anticipate is that the ladies are talking about asking our music minister to start including these songs at Mass. I have a feeling it is a good thing we are getting a new pastor.... one who doesn't know that starting a women's prayer group was my (and Vicki's and Chris's) idea. Let the Music Wars begin!!

Today I go to the foot doctor. I got something weird growing just underneath my toenail. I hope he freezes it before cutting it because I am not nearly as laid back about my feet as I am about my veins.


HisFireFly said...

I agree whole heartedly.

I want a t-shirt too and would wear it proudly if it wasn't too tight...

how about some 2 and 3 XL sizes?

or else we'll be in the "when I finally get smaller" routine

jasonS said...

I can't watch when they draw my blood. I'm a wuss! You however are a warrior princess in the line of Xena and well suited for the upcoming Music Wars. :)

Thanks for the smile, Ms. Helen!

Sarah Salter said...

I echo your sentiments about the larger t-shirt sizes although technically it won't matter for me because I don't have $10 to drop on yet ANOTHER t-shirt that will sit on the shelf in my closet and get dusty because I can't wear t-shirts to work except during Youth Camp and I don't they'd appreciate me advocating being disturbed (pleasantly or otherwise) to the kids. (What a great run-on sentence! Do I get a prize for that?!)

I also echo Jason's statement that he's a wuss. No! Wait! What I was going to agree with him about is that you are totally a warrior princess! :)

Wendy said...

Do you want to come watch them draw my blood? Because I can't watch it, and clearly, the phlebotomist needs to be watched.

As for me, I wouldn't wear the t-shirt no matter the size. In my case, I just find it too redundant.

Duane Scott said...

Ladies... I sent the designer an email today and he will be getting you all the tshirt in the size that you need. :) Trust me on this one.

"People sometimes get mad if you keep poking them. " Yes. TWSS."


You crack me up.... everyday I bump into you. TWSS.

Okay, that one didn't work very good. But I tried.

sherri said...

You go right from a TWSS to you Helen! ANd I didn't realize you were also RATED XXX!

Candy said...

So glad your prayer group is going well. I hope you get some really great music going there. And turn up the volume. And maybe salsa dance in Jesus' name. Amen.

katdish said...

T-shirts? I had no idea.

The toenail thing sounds kinda scary. Oh, man! I'm scrunching up my toes just thinking about it! Hope it goes well!

Sandra Heska King said...

My daughter has had her share of blood draws in bad veins. She tells them where to draw and what needle to use. Sometimes she tells them where to go.

Michael said...

We'll have to get on duane about the shirts :)

The toe nail

♥ Kathy said...

I always watch when they draw my blood too. They've done it so much that it just doesn't phase me :) Have you tried Vick's on your toenail? Yes, the stuff you put on your chest when you have a cold. Rub a little on your nail every night. You'll be amazed what disappears. It works great on toenail fungus and on athletes foot too :)

Kelli said...

You crack me up! I completely agree with you on the larger shirt sizes. Now I need to find out if there's such a thing as plus sized maternity clothes?!?! Maybe a nice Tshirt will get me through?

You're a much bigger woman than me when it comes to drawing blood. I'm with Jason - a complete wuss!

Your toes on the other hand (or foot)? having something done to my feet makes me completely cringe! Good luck with that!