Monday, May 23, 2011

My Prayer Today

My friend Jason hosts "Warrior Poet Circle" every other Monday.
I'm not sure which seems more convoluted, thinking of myself as a warrior or a poet, so though I admire both warriors and poets, I seldom participate.    Today, however, the "assignment" is to write a prayer.   That didn't seem so hard.  I think I pray every day.   So here it is.   Not quite warrior like, not quite poetry.   It is just my prayer today.

My Prayer Today

Thank you, Lord for loving me.
I often question why you do
When I myself would wipe me off my shoe if I could
I understand that Your Son washed me and dressed me in wedding clothes
But look at me!
I have gravy on my dress, my hair is a mess from dancing and my hands are sticky again!
If I could only stay clean and lovely
I'd understand that You love what He made me to become...
But how is it you can love me?
Because you made me in your image?
You mean I haven't rubbed that out?
I couldn't possibly rub that out?
Where is your image in me?
The ability to love?
Then help me to love more greatly and more purely.
Help me to love even those unlovely
like me...
Then draw us together close to You


Anonymous said...

I feel like that all the time, Helen. Thanks for the great (and humorous) honesty. Wonderful.

Glynn said...

Well, I don't have gravy on my dress (good thing) but, as my wife can tell you, I get ketchup on my shirt all the time. But only when it's a white shirt.

Good one, Helen.

Patricia said...

a lovely, heartfelt prayer filled with truth we all can relate to. ("just keep swimming"... and writing!)