Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Small Success Thursday on Tuesday!!!

For some reason, a blog I follow is doing "Small Success Thursday" on a Tuesday.   That's JUST random enough for me!  :-)

1)  I went to the gynecologist yesterday.   I can watch a needle go into my arm and draw blood, but the sight of a speculum lying on the counter in plastic makes me feel faint.  Really, it looks like it should be used to repair the exam table, when, in fact, it is a medieval torturing device.  You women know what I mean.   Gentlemen, I suggest you just nod your heads and move on to the next number.  Do not google speculum.  I repeat, gentlemen, do NOT google speculum.

2)  I mailed out a note to a lady from a Church group I belong to who has been sick for awhile.  We aren't close, so I didn't know what to write.   I ended up writing the minutes of our last meeting with get well wishes and blessings on a note card with my initial on the front.

3)  I have made arrangements to meet my husband's best friend's girlfriend.  They have only been going out for three years.   What's the rush, right?  ;-)

Go to "Chocolate for Your Brain" to see Sherri's successes and those of others who have linked up.

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SherryTex said...

Thanks for participating Helen! By way of an explanation, I was asked at Family and Faith Live's site to take this feature over but it involved using some technology I'm not familiar with, so it needed a trial run.