Friday, June 17, 2011

How I am Coping With Psych Withdrawal

Ignore the day and time in the picture.  No one knows
Yet.  I know.  Talk about "psych", huh.  Oh yeah,
and this photo is courtesy of Photobucket.

Raise your hand if you are disappointed to find out that Psych isn't coming back until Fall.  Now wave.  Thank you for that nice cool breeze.  It's finally starting to get warm here in Chicago, and that was refreshing.

I don't know whether it is lucky for me or not, but I didn't have cable when Psych first came out.  I missed the first two and a half seasons.   The good news is that just like a pre-owned comfy chair, it's new to me!  I saw the first half of season three a couple of months ago when I first started suffering from Psych withdrawal.  I was better for a while, but then found myself in desperate need again, so I went to our local library and took out Season 1 of Psych.

That is why I saw the following for the first time on Wednesday.   I laughed so hard, the room was spinning like the stars in the sky!  Watch the following video to find out what I mean by that.

The aftermath went better for me.  My DVD player has a pause button.

What about you?  What show do you think is the funniest you've seen?  What scene makes you giggle every time you think of it?


SarahBeeCreations said...

I have not seen the show...ever. Nor do I have cable TV.
The bonus to this is that I now have your recommendation and can watch the whole thing without commercials! It's kind of like when we started watching LOST. We were a few seasons behind and it's more fun to watch a few episodes at a time anyhow.

saphyreplatypus said...

Psych is one of my favs too! I was quite disappointed to find it wasn't going to be back until fall, but like you, I will now go back and enjoy the first couple seasons commercial free! yay!


p.s. Sarah, I am sure you will love it!

katdish said...


It's not coming back until the fall???

Sweet Fancy Moses. I'm developing a tick...

Anonymous said...

Man, I had no idea that it wasn't coming back until fall. What a ripoff! Those clips are hilarious though. I love this show. It's one of the few mysteries on TV that my wife will watch with me. :)