Thursday, June 30, 2011

One Hundred Dreams (Not Quite, But I'm Open to It)

These lovely toes are courtesy of photobucket.   Until, now
it never occurred to me I may need pictures of my nekkid feet.
In prayer meeting Monday a friend talked about a Conference on the Father's love where they were encouraged to begin a list of 100 dreams.  I have listed thirty dreams so far.

Last week I wrote a post about feeling more optimistic, and I really do.  It had hit me a few months ago that not only didn't I accomplish all of the goals of my youth, but that I didn't believe I ever would, and had felt I should put dreams away as youthful foolishness.  It did not help my outlook.

Many things on the list are actually related to each other:
3) Become a healthy weight.  (It's been so hard, and I've failed so many times I stopped hoping I ever could.   But today, I am dreaming about it, focusing on it, and asking God to help me daily in this quest.)
4) to fit in my new sundress.
5) to fit in the clothes in my box in the basement.
6) to be able to get rid of all of my large clothes because I need room for a smaller size.  (I guess I'm dreaming of a good reason for a new wardrobe.)
10) to be able to comfortably get up and down from the floor.
11) to be able to stand all day without a lot of discomfort.
12) to be able to walk around outside all day without my feet being in a lot of pain.
17) to walk several blocks without getting out of breath.
21) to fit in an airline seat.
24) to be flexible enough to give myself a pedicure.  (I feel pretty when my toe nails are pink.  I know it's silly.)
25) to be able to get out of the tub without worrying I'm going to slip and kill myself and the paramedics are going to find me nekkid.
26) to have lots of energy.
30) for my feet and ankles not to swell.
That's 13 things all related to number 3.  Obviously when I get dream #3, most if not all of the other dreams I shared today will have already been granted.  I still think it is important to list these other things.  They didn't come up because I asked "Why do I want to become a healthy weight?" but because I asked "What do I want?" .  I will not yet be a healthy weight the day I paint my toenails, but I will still have gotten something I want, and will need to thank God for His help.  Because I'll only get there with His help.  I know this, because I have been trying too long on my own.

So as frivilous as it sounds, I'm praying for my weight, size, mobility and flexibility.  

What about you?  What are your dreams?  You don't HAVE to list 100, 30, or even 13.   I'll be happy to know one or two, and will pray for your dreams, too!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound frivolous at all. To be able to live the fullness of God's plan and best for your life, we all have to make hard decisions that seem insurmountable at times. I think it's wonderful that you're praying and asking God for grace. Praying with you, Helen.

Duane Scott said...

********FIST UP**********


*cheers for Helen*

floyd said...

Good for you! God gives us the desires and strength for all good things. I think that's a wonderful dream and you are the person to do it!
My dream is to not be as obsessive about everything in my life. My other dream is to have a more simple life. I've taken some of the gifts from God and knitted together a pretty complicated life. My dream is also to serve God, not things that he's blessed me with. To be more attentive with my family. The list goes on. Haven't thought about them that much lately. This was a great reminder for me that I need to. Thanks

pip said...

That's a great idea Helen. Often I have prayed for 'balance' in my life, a healthy mix of prayer, work, nutrition, exercise ... once I heard a response in my heart... "you seek balance, but what you need is self-discipline" ... how true!

Some of my dreams for now...

1. My daughters heart to be repaired to normal function

2. To be fit and lose 4-5kg

3. To be a published author and sell millions of books

4. To have a healthy purity of heart and be free from scrupulosity or compromise

5. To be connected to God each day in a beautiful union of hearts, that radiates through me to others

6. To be more patient, kind and humble and less snappy, irritable and judgemental

7. To have a deeply spiritual visit to the Holy Land

katdish said...

Not frivolous. And I think so often we try to do so much without God's help because we think He's got bigger fish to fry. But He loves us and wants us to ask for his help. Praying for you, too.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

I love this idea too!! I quoted you on my blog today. :) Hope you don't mind.

Candy said...

Keeping you in prayer, Helen. It's a never-ending road and even people at a healthy weight must be constantly vigilant of their choices. I pray you will find this a life-long journey that is freeing and life-giving. Because that's exactly what it is, and it isn't easy for anybody. Nothing worthwhile ever is, right? Your are prayed for friend, more than you know. I've missed you lately.