Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Call Your Aunts and Uncles....

Now! Stop reading the blogs for a few moments, and call your aunts and uncles. It is preferable to call the females aunt or auntie, and the males uncle. Call them, wish them a Merry Merry and a Happy Happy, tell them you are thinking about them, and tell them about every minor detail of your day, including the dog pooping on the rug and the cat puking on the sheets. Ask them how they are, and listen when they tell you about all their aches and pains. Praise them for their patience under the strain, even if you have to.......bend the truth as if it were made of the same material as Gumby. Tell them you think about them often, even if you have to redefine often. If you feel guilty because they ask why you haven't called in so long, tell them it is because of the dog pooping everywhere and the cat puking anywhere and you don't like to complain to them because of they are suffering with their own problems. They will assure you that they live to talk about dog poop and cat puke. Nothing fascinates them more than whatever you have to say.
Where is this coming from? If I have to hear my mom say one more time that nobody loves her (and yes, she makes it clear that she knows my husband and I do, but wants to know what did she ever do to make her nieces and nephews hurt or angry and not want to call...) I am going to turn purple and start twitching! Let me defend my cousins. They were here at her birthday party. They made an appropriate fuss over her. They gave her lovely gifts, brought a side dish, and sang "Happy Birthday" in harmony (actually some of us were off key rather than harmonious, but c'mon, that is what makes the song special). They sent lovely Christmas cards since then. I have exchanged emails with them where they tell me to send their best to their aunt (my mom). They are actually no worse than my husband and I with his aunts and uncles (my mom "reminds" me to call my aunt and uncle regularly). Their only fault as far as I can see is that they did not call and say "Merry Christmas". Actually, one of them did, and mom was thrilled when she called, but mom is focusing on the ones who didn't now.
So call that aunt and uncle. Or that elderly neighbor that you really should visit but don't have time because they never let you go home. Or......whomever it is you are reminded of as you are reading this. You may be able to make someone you love and who loves you very happy, and prevent another loved one from turning purple and developing a twitch. God bless you.
Thanks for letting me rant. I feel better now.

****Blagojevich update at 2:00. He dares to make an appointment. I have nothing against the man he appointed. I know of no scandals in his career. I just don't think Blagojevich should be making this decision considering what he has been caught saying on tape. Whether Blagojevich is guilty of a crime is up to lawmakers, but he has definitely done wrong. And such language! Does he kiss his family with that mouth? Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Okay, okay, I'll call an aunt!

*Just saw the Blago appointment update- I said about the very same words to ig Al. Nothing against Mr. Burris, just shouldn't be Blago's voice appointing the newbie.

katdish said...

Guilty! I'm really bad about calling. I don't like talking on the phone that much.

But my brother is the worst! He's lived in Hawaii for many years, and he never calls anyone (okay, I'm exagerrating a little). One year my dad gets a call from by brother on his birthday. My dad said, "Ah, Fred! Thanks for remembering, that means a lot." To which my brother's response was, "Thanks for remembering what?"

katdish said...

I meant "my" brother, not "by" brother.

Beth said...

I confess I don't even have my Aunt's and Uncle's phone numbers. We are a widespread family and I rarely see them. But all of them except one are on Facebook, so I am in touch with them a lot more than I used to be....even my Grandpa's on Facebook!!

But your post brought to mind a couple people I should check up on... :)

Mary Ann said...

This is one of those writings that needs to be filed away and re-read on one of those days where I'm thinking, "but do I haaaavvveee to?"

I like to justify myself when I don't call whoever it is that I don't call. I am usually justified if I don't. However, justification doesn't mean the person feels any less unloved. egh.

imfreenow.blogspot.com said...

That is so true - it's so important to remember people. I tried to remember so many people this holiday season.