Thursday, January 1, 2009

My New Year's Resolutions

Today we Catholics celebrate the solemnity of Mary. So we go to Mass either on December 31st evening in anticipation of the day, or on January 1st itself. That is why I was at Mass yesterday, and at Mass, my pastor's homily encouraged us to make three types of New Years resolutions. My pastor is a wise man, so I am going to follow his suggestions.

Suggestion #1 Read the Bible for at least 15 minutes every day. Definitely a good resolution. I do include reading the Bible during my prayers, but expanding that time is a good idea. He made no suggestion as to whether that should have me reading the whole Bible within a year, or only get me to Exodus. The point is making the time to read and absorb, not how much I read. I resolve to read the Bible these 15 minutes.

Suggestion #2 Do something to better my own health. I was actually thinking along these lines myself. I resolve to dance (for exercise) every day. That should improve both my mental and physical health. This was going to be my only resolution, but Father Ted has shown me that this would be too self absorbed. I need to include God (#1) and others (3#) in my resolutions. My life should not just be all about me.

Suggestion #3 Do something charitable for others. My friends know that I am often writing about how 30% (and climbing) more people in my county are requesting help from food banks than were last year. Due to the poor economy, donations are going down. I have tried to be diligent about donating food and money during the holidays. I resolve to give food and/or money monthly for my parish's food drive. Just because "the holidays" end, their nutrition needs don't.


Sherri Murphy said...

The reading 15 minutes a day is a good idea. You'll probably find that you'll get intrigued and go beyond that. I can't get out of the book of Matthew. There are SO many lessons there for us from Jesus' own words, that I just can't leave it for now.
Have the best year yet. said...

Thanks for those Helen!