Friday, September 18, 2009

There Are Twitter Ho's, and Then There Are Plain Ol'....


Instead of a list of favorite tweets this week, I would just like to share some thoughts about Twitter. No, this isn't going to be a Helen rant. I'm not sure what this is, but it isn't a rant.

Tweeting is fun. I have gotten to know quite a few people via twitter. Being a caretaker can be lonely. Yes, I have mom. But talking to the same person all the time means talking about the same things. Sometimes it even means repeating irritating patterns. My twittering / blogging friends mean a lot to me. I do believe the feeling is mutual. These friends have extending much kindness to me. My birthday is one great big huge example, but their are several kindnesses they offer daily.

That is why I am really bothered by the following tactics of some businesses. Or are they people? It is hard to tell. Lately I get maybe ten new followers every day, but when you go to check their profile, I see odd tweets, and when I click on their web page in the sidebar, I get the same website for each one of them: How to make money via yada yada (I am NOT putting their name out their in cyberspace for them.) What really galls me is that I believe they actually get money for people clicking on the site. I feel duped. I feel like to that particular tweeter, I am nothing more than a few potential cents I can be tricked into getting for them.

I don't mind the dentists, chiropracters, gynocologists, butchers or bakers who follow me because they did a twitter search for a word within their line of work, and found me telling dentist jokes, asking about a friend's chiropracter, or requesting information on how to become the Ambassador de Headcheese. I don't exactly follow them back, but I don't begrudge them their use of twitter. Their profile makes it clear who they are and why they are tweeting, and I am cool with that.

I begrudge people who pose as a potential friend, and then pull a bait and switch. They make me wary, and I don't like it. There are actual people behind some profiles, and I don't want to treat an actual person as if their follow / potential friendship is disregarded. I do love my twitter / blog friends, and I welcome the opportunity to expand the circle. But I have already found that I accidentally ignored a lovely person or two because I mistook them for one of those twitterers. I only found out they were different because I regularly check my @ replies. If someone @ replies me, I'll check their page and most likely return follow. And of course, Friday Follow is very helpful, because if a friend tweets a name that I'm not following but sounds familiar, I know I goofed during the week.

If I have done this to you, or one of your twitter friends, I heartily apologize. The last thing I wish is to dehumanize anyone.


Maybe later today I'll pick out a twitter conversation or two to share..

Until then..If you miss my Friday tweets, here is the page they are on twitter.


Wendy said...

Tell it, Helen, tell it! :o)

Candace Jean July 16 said...

I tend to stick to followers who follow people I follow. Eventually I'll follow Kevin Bacon. The "ho's" are so annoying - this week, all because Nick was sick, I actually had @sinuses and a whole bunch of NetiPot ho's that got the unfollow hammer.

Love ya, Helen!

Annie K said...

You bummed me out at 'this is not a rant'. I haven't checked my followers lately...I shudder to think who the new ones are....

Marni said...

I just got thru cleaning out my annoying and skanky followers. Very cathartic :)

And yes, we do love you Helen!!!!

jasonS said...

I guess I just figure it comes with the territory. It's an annoying part of life like mosquitoes or smart cars.

And someone tell Candy to follow me because I'm starting to get a complex. :)

Beth said...

Smart cars...ha! Good one Jason.

katdish said...

Thank you, Helen. I completely agree.

Some people have to go and suck the fun out of everything. It's called social media for a reason. You're supposed to be social.