Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Crystal Tears

Over half my life ago, my mother and I watched a pioneer movie, the name of which I can't remember.    In it a little boy asks why it rains, and his father answers "God is crying."   Later in the movie, the boy's mother dies, and at her grave, he asks his father "Why isn't God crying for Momma?"   Neither my mother nor I heard the answer, we were both crying so hard for this fictional character's confusion and pain.

This memory came back to me on February 9, 2010, during my mother's funeral procession.  It snowed so hard that the hearse had to move so slower than I could jog, and that is quite a statement.  I thought maybe I'd try to write a poem to describe what I was thinking then.

Crystal Tears
by HRM
It snowed the day we buried Momma
A blizzard of frozen tears
mirror the grief inside my heart
God is crying for my loss
and suddenly I realize
His tears are so pure and beautiful
a reminder that my heart's winter
is the beginning of her eternal spring.


katdish said...

Oh, wow Helen. That's just beautiful.

Doug Spurling said...

Lovely Helen ~ thank you. Our last breath on earth starts our first in eternity.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

Has it already been a year since you lost your dear mom? I remember, Helen. The Lord remembers, too. I rejoice with you for that endless spring with her.

Anonymous said...

Short and so beautiful- what an amazing perspective. God loves us so much. Thanks for this.

Glynn said...

She moved into real life, Helen, more real than we can know on this earth. Good poem (and post).

HisFireFly said...

Oh dear Helen!

Now my tears fall, thawed by the heat of your words.

We shall be down your way again in a month or so.. my mother began another of a series of chemo treatments today and its never too soon to visit.

A Joyful Noise said...

Snow flakes are so different, no two are alike. In winter, the tears of God turned to snow, just for your mom. Such a Precious poem.

Candy said...

These are beautiful words, Helen. Her eternal spring, indeed.

B Maddigan said...

Greetings Dear Honorable Helen,

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Help Us spread His Living Word...

And Thanks SO Much... <'(((><

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.