Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Twelfth Day of Christmas

Yes.   I've been walking around wishing people "Merry _____ Day of Christmas" this year.  I've posted such on the Twitter and the Facebook, and have made the wish out loud to family, friends, and people at the grocery store.  Is it because of the song which, while fun, makes you wonder what she did with all those birds and the eight maids a milking?  Absolutely not.
Traditionally, Christmas is a season, not a day.  This season BEGINS on the 25th of December.  I think Christmas is such a let down for some people because they prepare prepare prepare only to celebrate it on one day.  Or they believe they should celebrate it all December while preparing for the big day at the same time, leaving them less time and energy to prepare.
We feel guilty if the Christmas cookies aren't made by December 25.  Why?  Unless you are hosting the First Day of Christmas at your house and need them for dessert, what is so wrong with making cookies to bring to neighbors on December 28th instead?  (BTW, I'm not knocking Cookie Party Exchanges.  That's a great idea, especially if you are hosting December 25 or bringing dessert).
I realize that people with children have to have everything "Santa ready" (insert your own meaning into that phrase, please), but if you give your child more than one gift, why can't a smaller one be given on one of the other days of Christmas?   Or maybe it wouldn't be so bad to buy Christmas gifts for people you won't see until after Christmas after Christmas?
Maybe it is partly because I broke my toes and couldn't do much before Christmas, but I am glad for the extra time to buy gifts for people whom I wouldn't see on Christmas anyway.  I'm also glad that we had some celebrations together after the "BIG day".  I enjoyed baking kolackys with my uncle this past weekend, and can't help but think of what a gift it is that we get more than one day!
Seriously, it is the retailers that want to make it one big day that you have to do big and perfect.  They count on this one day to make the most money they'll make all year, but for those of us who are celebrating the Incarnation of Christ, one day is not enough to contemplate, celebrate and communicate it!  Twelve days aren't enough either come to think of it, but there is always next year!
How are we going to celebrate the twelfth day of Christmas?  Before Bob goes to his Bible Study group, we will bless our house, as we have each year on Epiphany since we moved here.  
The Anglican priest on this blog seems to use a house blessing ceremony similar to ours.
Happy Twelfth Day of Christmas.  Be blessed by the mystery and wonder of the Incarnation of Christ always.  
Please join me in singing the last Christmas Carol of the season.


katdish said...

Okay, yeah...

Your way is much better. Happy 12th day of Christmas, Helen!

Candy said...

Wait, does that mean my yard art has to come down now? Can you alert Ron Burgundy?

I've appreciated all of your Christmas greetings. Merry 12th day, Helen!

jake said...

Helen, first of all, what are kolackys? They are foreign to me. Secondly, I'd agree with you, ONLY it feels like most of my Christmas celebration is BEFORE the "big day" after, I literally almost feel as though there's nothing to live for (mild exaggeration). The end of the holiday season leaves us with January and February which are terrible... TERRIBLE months in Idaho. So cold. So gray. So.... somebody get me a job in Arizona! I hope you enjoyed your 12 days and I hope 2011 is turning out to be INCRADIBLE.

Zee said...

Hey, thanks for commenting on my blog :)

Heh, you'd love it in Ukraine - we celebrate Christmas on January 7th (Orthodox style) and in my Church we also celebrate the Dec 25th, so it's quite natural to wish Merry Christmas for 2 weeks and not be considered weird :D hahaha.

But yes - you bring out an important point - Christmas is not just a day.

A Joyful Noise said...

Here it is mid January and our Pastor is still preaching Christmas messages. I believe there were too many characters to leave out, so on the messages come probably more than 12 days, but inspirational even so.