Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday: Bun Bun Speaks! (Well, Writes Actually...)

Today is a special day!  Bun Bun, whose twitter handle is @BunBunRabbit, has agreed to do a guest post for me today.  Well, actually, she has been bugging me to get her her own blog, but she needs help getting onto the twitter as it is... I just don't have time to school her in the ways of blogging!  Still, despite my selfishness, Bun Bun is gracious enough to share with us some of her thoughts on this Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday.
Hehehehehehehehehehehhehehe hehehehehe

First off, I have no idea what Helen is so busy with that she can not set me up with my own blog and guide me into the blogasphere!  It's not like she posts here all that much, and when was the last time she contributed to FOTTSP?   Even the recipe blog she shares with Miss Annie has gone neglected.  I can't see what the need for recipes are anyway.  Mix some delicious lettuce with delectable carrots, and you have a feast!  Who needs a recipe?
She says she is busy working on her New Year's Resolution, which is to organize one room in her home per month.  She started with the biggest disaster, the master bedroom and bath.  Humans are rather cute, even if they are silly.  You won't find any sensible rabbit worried about organizing her burrow.  She tosses out the dirt, then settles her kits (you darling humans call them bunnies) in, and voila, they have a home!
Her and her buck (his name is "Bob", and she calls him her "husband".   I can't stand that word because it makes her sound like a farm animal.) were really busy reorganizing a closet on Saturday.  If you ask me, I think they have too many clothes.  I have just the fur,  yet it serves me well no matter the weather or the occasion.  Helen and Bob could really learn a lot from me if they would only open their minds!
They went to see a movie about a lion in charge of a fantasy island on Sunday.   She said it was very good, but that I would be more interested in the trailer for a movie called Hop.   She then found it on YouTube and played it for me.

Candy chicks and rock and roll.  I can dig it.  Maybe I can talk Helen into letting me hop into her purse and taking me with her when she goes to see it.    Anyone know if they sell lettuce and carrots at the concession stand?

This is Random Musings contribution to Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday, where you will find many more perplexing posts.


jasonS said...

Great job Helen--I mean Bun Bun--just the right mix of pleasant and disturbed. :)

Wendy said...

BunBun is quite the typist! It's a real feat for something without fingers. I have fingers and I find it difficult.

Duane Scott said...

I can't wait to go watch Hop. It looks brilliant.

And you know what?

I think Helen should listen to you. I'm not suggesting that she only wear fur. We have the animal rights people doing that. :)

But ya, words of wisdom, bun bun.

Candy said...

It's nice to meet a blogger who likes the same foods I do. Perhaps we should do a cooking vlog?

katdish said...

Nice perspective from you, Bun Bun. And I'm sorry about deleting your comment yesterday. Helen made me do it.