Wednesday, June 18, 2008


expressive, timeless
writing, reading, living
God reigns benevolently powerful

I did find inspiration from Psalm 3 afterall. Granted, cinquains are not part of the contest, but I submitted it anyways. Afterall, there are at least two clerihews, and that was not part of the contest.

I was wondering if I should start a separate blog for musing about the Psalms. Originally, this blog was intended to be about whatever my mind was fumbling with at the moment I was typing, whether it was a good book I read, a recipe, or beating myself up for not sticking to a diet or a lenten promise. For the last 3 days, it seems to be about the Psalms and the poetry contest. Apparently I am CDOing. Would it be more CDO to do this in a separate blog, or less. Do I need to be less CDO about my blog? Am I still musing randomly? Oh well...

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katdish said...

I love your random musings! I vote to keep it about whatever's on your heart and mind. And yes, you need to be less OCD about your blog. But at least it's not CDO -- that's some progress!