Friday, June 6, 2008

Thank you, blogger

I have been trying for several days to figure out how to add a blogroll to my blog, and I couldn't do it. But now on the dashboard they give instructions for how to add this new, supposedly cooler version of a blogroll to a blog, so I have been able to add this feature, finally! Don't let the video bar on the side with a poll fool you, I figured that out while trying to add a blogroll. I am not exactly technologically savvy. My mom dropped her remote control, and now we can't even use that.
Speaking of mom, I think I might have inherited the lack of the technology chromosome from her. She never was able to master the use of the microwave, and sometimes the phone where you have to push all the buttons is a little much for her to manage. I imagine that my great great great maternal grandmother must have said "A pencil sharpener! What is wrong with a good sharp knife like my mother used?" And her grandmother must have said "A pencil! What is wrong with a jar of ink and a feather? You youngin's are getting spoiled nowadays with fancy things like pencils!". I bet that the wheel was resisted by my female ancestors for several generations.
Well, I just wanted to shout out a thank you to blogger, for coming to my aid during my time of need. I just have one question for blogger. Make that two questions. How much do you really know about me? Are you following me?


katdish said...

You are too funny. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. Who is YOUR favorite muppet BTW?

Helen said...

My favorite muppet is Fozzie Bear. I love the way his jokes kind of fall flat, but I can't help but laugh anyway. I think he may remind me of my husband that way. Now I know why I fell in love with Bob. He reminds me of my favorite muppet. If I ever find out I remind him of Miss Piggy, he will start to resemble the chicken after the Swedish Chef gets through with it. Teehee.