Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Good News

In July I wrote a post about a friend / family member who has pancreatic cancer. The good news is that he had a MRI and a blood test, and both show him to be currently cancer free. He will be continuing chemotherapy. I don't know the details. He is part of a clinical study, and though I am open to listening, I try not to ask too many questions. "How are you?" with a meaningful look is about as far as I go. I figure that puts the ball in is court whether he wants to move on to another topic, or actually tell me how he is. Otherwise I find out new developments on the family grapevine. I know, gossip is bad, but this is different. My understanding is that it is not that he didn't want people to know his physical progress, it was just that it got tiring to dwell on it and repeat, so he would tell a couple of people, and give them permission to pass the information to one and all. Sometimes I am a passer, sometimes I'm a passee.
I am very grateful to God for hearing our prayers. I believe God has been working through his medical treatments, the prayers of his friends, family and himself, and our friend's own hopeful attitude to bring about this happy news. Way, way, way in the back of our minds is the tiny whisper that cancer returns, especially pancreatic cancer. His friends and family will continue to pray for him to remain cancer free. Maybe we will add the whisper that if it does return, it waits until there is a cure.
If you read the post in July and whispered a prayer or two or twenty for him, I thank you, too. God bless you!

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pip said...

And God bless him too. Long may the tiny whisper be kept away