Friday, October 24, 2008


One of my favorite blogs is Ironic Catholic. No, she is not me, though I am Catholic, and appreciate irony. She is a professor of a Catholic university in Minnesota, and she has a very thought provoking and amusing blog.
Well, during the month of November, she has a not so ironic nor amusing suggestion. She suggests adding 15 minutes to our prayer time ever day during November. I like the idea. Fifteen extra minutes of prayer time certainly couldn't hurt. The worst thing that could happen is that the extra 15 minutes become the norm, and next year I end up adding 15 minutes to that. Still not such a bad thing, though right now I can't imagine where an extra half hour would come from.
I have promised to add the 15 minutes during November, and have added a reminder to myself to do so at the top of my blog margin. If you want to check out Ironic Catholic, click on the title of this blog post.
If you want to see how she is trying to enrich and encourage this prayer time, click on NaPraGoMo on my bloglist.
God bless you, and have a great afternoon!


pip said...

What a good idea... and why not offer those 15 minutes, just during November, for the Holy Souls? Each month, or even each day/week, the 15mins can be offered for something different... maybe according to the season of the Church or for intentions close to ones heart. It could be like a "15 minutes of fame" for the intention we pray for.

Helen said...

Those are great suggestions, but until November 4, my prayers are going to be focused on the election. I can't bring myself to pray that a particular candidate gets into office, but I do pray that God's preference will be elected, and that if His preference isn't even on the ballot, that the winner in the election will become the leader that God wants for this country. My biggest worry in the election is the pro-abortion agenda of Senator Obama, but I am heart broken by some of the racist rhetoric I hear and read against him. And Senator McCain's stand on abortion is more "moderate" than my own. He believes abortion is acceptable in the cases of rape and incest. I believe that a fetus is a baby baby, so it is always wrong to kill ihim (or her). I should be worried about the economy, but that seems so shallow when babies are dying. I do think a democrat would be better for the economy, but many political regimes in history have been immoral, yet improved their nation's economic situation. I have given up thinking about it, and have become resigned to praying about it (making me part of Bill Maher's worst nightmare- a praying electorate). Sorry about the tangent. God bless you.

pip said...

Hi Helen
Although I have no physical vote, I began out being pro-McCain and Palin, but now I too find myself asking for God's choice. I cannot know what lies ahead or in each heart as He does. So my spiritual 'prayer vote' is for God's choice.

Shawna said...

Thank you so very much for your comment. Personally, I think much of what has been attibuted to Spurgeon is "golden" - I love that quote so much right now. It speaks to my heart in ways I cannot begin to describe.
Many blessings

ELC said...

Thanks for the link.