Thursday, September 23, 2010

Nice Blogger, My New Friend Earl, Scarves, Tomatoes, and a Book Fair.

So, as you can see, it is time for another Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday.

So.   Blogger has a new editing thingy.   The old one is only available for a "limited time" before we will have to use the new one, so I went with the new one as of this post.   So if anything seems weird about today's post.  Blame Blogger (whom I am very grateful to for hosting this free service, btw...)  (Nice Blogger.  Nice Blogger.  Good Boy! Who's a good little free hosting website?  Yesh.  Yesh.  You are.  You are a good boy!)  (That ought to keep Blogger happy for a while.)  (I bet this is some sort of record for side by side parentheses.)  (If not, I bet the record holder would give even me a headache.)

Earl Grey tea is WONderful.  I love the smell of it, and it is SO smooth!  I think I'm going to start talking about "Earl Grey" when my husband comes home and see how he reacts.

Today is the first day of fall.  I know it is actually 88 degrees in Chicago right now, but that has me thinking that I should find my crocheting needle and begin making scarves for "Warm Hands / Warm Hearts".  This year, I will also  do the video series I promised last year, but then I got too caught up in my own worries and feelings to do.

I haven't gotten enough tomatoes to worry about using up and making sauce with, but I have been able to put a home grown tomato on my sandwich every day for a few weeks now.   YUMMY!

Did you ever notice that sometimes you can volunteer to do something "out of the goodness of your heart", and end up having more fun than a barrel of monkeys on a two wheel bike?   On Saturday I had volunteered to help at the Book Fair Barnes and Nobles had for my parish's school.   I thought I was being really nice going there on a Saturday morning and all.  Do you know what I forgot when signing up?  I LOVE hanging out at Barnes and Noble!  Bob and I go there for date night!  I had the best time reading to kids, sharpening pencils, smiling at strangers, and then finding books for myself when my shift was over and having lunch in the cafe with friends who were also volunteering (as a matter of fact, I got to know them from volunteering at stuff).

Okay.  For more pleasantly disturbed people, click on the pleasantly disturbed button above and check out Duane Scott's blog carnival!


jasonS said...

You should give Blogger a snausage to seal the deal.

Also, I love Barnes and Noble, but our nearest one is a couple hours by plane so I definitely do not get to go as often as I like. It's like they think people in Juneau don't read. There are a lot of long winter nights. What else are we supposed to do? Oh yeah, that's fun too, but we all get tired sometimes!

I need to start a facebook campaign to put a Barnes and Noble in Juneau- who's with me?!

PS I slip into 'disturbed' way too easily.

~Brenda said...

Well you may not quilt, but at least you crochet! :) I do crochet a little bit. Am planning to make a baby blanket to send to Afghanistan soon! :)

Robin Arnold said...

I'm used to having more books around me but alas they stay packed until my Bob can build us shelves in the new house. I can't wait.

We are married to Bobs. Huh.

Duane Scott said...

I want to go on a date with you to B&N. It's my turf. My hometown. My village.

You will find me in the Religion section. I'm the laying on his stomach and you have to step over my legs. :)