Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday: Two Out of Three Isn't Bad

So, as you can see, it is time for another Pleasantly Disturbed Thursday.

Hmmmm.... I've been disturbed this week with a bad cold, and Bob hasn't had a great week either... but the idea is to be both disturbed AND pleasant, so let's see what I can do.

I still think dishwashers are wonderful! In the past when I have been sick for a week, I not only didn't get to the dishes in the sink, but after the sink got full, gave up carrying them to the sink. (I told you I make a terrible housewife.) But having a dishwasher means just loading it and starting it and dishes are automatically done! I've been a little to under the weather to care whether the dishes got put away though, so we tend to just pull them straight out of the dishwasher to use them, place them in the sink, then load up the dishwasher once it is empty. It's a pattern that has worked so far, but I'll have to go back to actually putting dishes away again once I have my act together again. I know. I'm bad. You like me anyway, don't deny it.

Also disturbing... since Bob and I have been unwell for more than a week, we haven't tended the garden lately. Our elderly neighbors noticed and did it for us. Very sweet of them, but I am embarrassed at what they must think of us. (I'm disturbed here, but they are pleasant.)

CCD starts on Saturday. I hope I'll be 100% by then (though 80% will due).

I moved the van in the driveway today in order to avoid a ticket. This is a big step for me: I never drive the van. I'm used to a much smaller vehicle and fear misjudging lane changes and parking and stuff. Still, it's not like I can goof up bringing it in the driveway. I KNOW it fits in the driveway since Bob parks it in the driveway sometimes! (OOO! VAN! I have a van story I should tell you about in a Life is Funny post someday. Someone out there remind me of it when I claim I don't have a LIF post for the week on the twitter.)

Advice for anyone out there who participates in Pleasantly Disturbed Thursdays: don't ever check google images for "disturbed". Just trust me. Don't google Richard Gere only gerbil either. (Go and ask Sherri why. I'd link the post, but unfortunately can't find it at her site, Matter of Fact. Just bombard her site with questions about it in the comment section. Oh wait. I'm supposed to be both disturbing AND pleasant in this post... Nevermind.


Wendy said...

Okay, why can't I have neighbors like yours? Of course, one look at my garden and they'd probably faint dead away.

jasonS said...

Definitely pleasant, definitely disturbed! And "Richard Gere only gerbil"? That sounds extremely disturbing. :)

Sarah Salter said...

Helen, truth is that NOBODY wants to do dishes. Or put them away. You just have the guts enough to say so. :)

You ARE pleasant, but not so disturbed... Glad you and Bob are feeling better!

Jason said...

I feel like I need to pour bleach on my brain at the mention of Richard Gere and gerbil.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

That's a heck of a lot better than my wife's coworker who has a community garden. A crazy guy came around and said he "noticed it was looking bad," so he removed everything! Just cleared the garden out. That's just disturbing, and not in the pleasant way.

katdish said...

Funny, I was just reading Sherri's caption contest post last week. You know? The one where I was robbed of the best caption?:

Caption the Photo/Richard Gere/Gerbil Debacle of 2009

Duane Scott said...

LOL. I've made the mistake of googling Disturbed.

Ya... I wouldn't recommend it. Just like I wouldn't recommend dipping fried potatoes in chocolate pudding.

(people in Idaho do this)