Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whom Do I See Broken?

Today’s topic for the One Word Blog Carnival on Bridget Chumbley’s blog is Brokenness.

This poem on Brokenness is written in a mishmash of three different styles: cinquain, ???, and haiku.


Crumpled, crushed

Aching, crying, searching, gnawing

Unable to hold it together


Whom do I see broken?

I look in the paper, and I see the face of a 4 year old who can’t walk because he was shot in the crossfire….

Whom do I see broken?

I watch the news, and I see a woman who says she will never know peace until her husband’s killer is caught…

Whom do I see broken?

I look on facebook and I see a friend worried about her son’s football injury….

Whom do I see broken?

I go to the library, and I see a woman without a job or health insurance, and a nasty cough she can’t get rid of….

Whom do I see broken?

I extend my hand in the sign of peace at Church, and see a pained expression on the face of the man behind me…

Whom do I see broken?

I stop at the intersection, and see a man with a sign “Unemployed Veteran: Please Help”….

Whom do I see broken?

I stand in line at the grocery store, and see a cashier who has been on her feet for seven hours being yelled at for something that isn’t her fault, and see two broken people….

Whom do I see broken?

I see a child being scolded for fidgeting, another two for one I suspect…

Whom do I see broken?

I look in the mirror and see a woman who can do little to heal the broken

but to offer up a prayer to Him who heals and love them in His name.

An injured sparrow

Does not escape His notice

Neither do our tears.

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Anne Lang Bundy said...

another two for one ...

I understand the broken one in the mirror. It took me a while to understand that since I'm not God (news flash!) I don't need to run myself into the ground trying to offer healing for all the brokenness I encounter. But I can say a prayer. Sometimes I can take time to listen, maybe offer gentle words. Perhaps all I'm able to do is offer a smile, and carefully establish eye contact. Perhaps, sometimes, a smile dipped in love is all that's needed at the moment anyway.

Candy said...

He hears your prayers and the broken feel them. This is beautiful Helen. I've missed you.

Anne Lang Bundy said...

PS ~ Whatever its style, I liked the heart of your poem, Helen.

Mari-Anna Frangén Stålnacke said...

So true. Our own brokenness enables us to see the world with they eyes of God. And when we see we know what to pray.
Thank you for sharing. Let's keep on praying! Abundant blessings!

~*Michelle*~ said...

Like Anne noted.....this really went to my heart

"another two for one I suspect"

what insight.....this was powerful, thought provoking and beautiful, all rolled into one.

*high five*

Glynn said...

Oh, Helen, this is good. AS I read it, I wondered ift here would be a "look in the mirror" line -- and there was. Well done.

katdish said...

Beautiful words from a beautiful heart. Thank you, Helen.

bman said...

That was a great post, Helen. Prayers are sometimes the only option we have. There are so many people broken.

jasonS said...

I love this, Helen. Beautiful and profound. We do what we can and commit it all to God. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Love this, Helen.

I'm so glad the internet decided to play nice and let you post.

By the way... I feel your pain from when you fell (tripped) as well. :)