Saturday, August 8, 2009

Audio Books

I am unable to copy and paste at the library (I don't know why), so I will not be able to post a Saturday Caption post this week or next. After that, I don't know...
Mom and I just finished the latest Janet Evanovich book on CD on Wednesday, so I thought I would rerun this from last year in my "Best of" jposts until I have regular access to a computer again. I also have a stack of books on CD for mom and I to listen to.
I know. I need to be reading a book I promised to review, but it has been slow going. Every time I feel the author takes a pot shot at Catholicism, I have to stop for a while. I guess that gives you a hint as to how positively (or not) I am going to be assessing that book.
Last year, I wrote about my newfound love of audio books.
I wrote on June 8, 2008
I have discovered audio books. No, I didn't invent them, I just realize that they now have a place in my life. See, in the past, I was always snobbish about audio books. I was snobbish about literature in general, even as a kid. That may be the real reason no one liked me, although at the time I thought it was because I'm at and they're shallow. In truth, it was more because I thought I was perfect, and I wasn't. Come to think of it, even if I had been, would that have made me more likable? I doubt it.
Anyway, I discovered that if I listen to an audio book, mom can join me if she likes, and then does not feel as left out as she does when I am reading by myself. It has also opened up a whole new world for me. See I am slightly CDO (which is like OCD, but in proper alphabetical order as it rightly should be). It is not even the good OCD, where you always have a clean house because the dust bunny and you are mortal enemies, and she shall not have the upper hand. No, its the kind where I believe that appliances magically turn themselves on when I am not looking. It is the kind where I cannot read a book unless I can find time to read every book the author ever wrote, in the order in which she wrote it. Don't ask me what happens if I read the books out of order. I've never done it. It could be cataclysmic!
Now that I listen to audio books, I have begun stories by Janet Evanovich, and Agatha Christie, both prolific writers whom I would never have begun because who has time to sit around and read all day long? I feared that if I began it, I would never be able to read anything else by another author ever again! Today, however, mom and I have finished listening to everything Janet Evanovich has written so far, and a whole bunch of Hercule Poirot stories. I have slightly broken with my CDO ways, and we are listening to all of the Poirot series before we begin Miss Marple. That could be my CDO manifesting itself in a different way, but I prefer to think positively. Have a great day!