Friday, August 28, 2009

Twitter Ho Down! Or Is It a Hootinanny?


Courtesy of Past Expiry Cartoon

Okay. I have been away for a while, so I am back. I have not done a Twitter Post since July 31. On July 31, I had the following conversation on twitter, which began without me. So by popular request, and by that I mean that Wendy is popular and she requested it, I bring you an episode on twitter entitled Bob's Butt...

JeanneDamoff@br8kthru No pressure. I just told the whole world you're a comedian, that's all.

br8kthru@JeanneDamoff It's funny because I'm pretty quiet in person (unless I'm preaching). It really takes me a while to totally let my guard down

JeanneDamoff@br8kthru Well, that's better than people who let their guard down right out of the blocks. "Hi, I'm Bob. I have hemorrhoids." Awkward!

br8kthru@JeanneDamoff That makes you uncomfortable? I find that honesty refreshing. Ha!

JeanneDamoff@br8kthru Sorry, but "refreshing" and "hemorrhoids" do not belong in the same category.

weightwhat@JeanneDamoff Wait, who has refreshing hemorrhoids?

br8kthru@weightwhat Bob, but not @Helenatrandom 's Bob. This is where I first come in, without checking previous tweets, so I have no clue what came before.

Helenatrandom@br8kthru @weightwhat So....talking about Bob behind my back, hmmm....

B8kthru @Helenatrandom poor Bob, he never did nothin' to noone...

Helenatrandom@br8kthru True. He is so innocent. But then, he does not tweet. (Either that or he totally does, but won't follow me or give his name)

Br8thru @JeanneDamoff refreshing in the "trials produce perseverance" category perhaps.

br8kthru@JeanneDamoff see that's why I'm a good pastor- I can turn hemorrhoid talk into a bible study on Romans. You are so welcome!

Helenatrandom OK, contemplating my husband's butt with you all has been fun, but I have a graduation party to get ready for. Tweet you later.

Helenatrandom(Okay, it is going to take all my self control this week to not make Bob's butt my theme for next week's twitter post.

weightwhat@Helenatrandom Bob's butt! Bob's butt! Bob's butt!

becca_homefront@weightwhat @Helenatrandom I just read the backstory on Bob's butt...why, I'll never know, but thank goodness I'm not drinking or eating!

weightwhat@becca_homefront - @Helenatrandom likes to talk about Bob's butt. And put it in other peoples hands. She's funny that way.

becca_homefront@weightwhat Hahahaha...then she should definitely make Bob's butt her twitter post topic next week! @Helenatrandom We want Bob's butt!

Now, how about doing a twitter post and joining the blog carnival?

Now, one favor from those of you on twitter? Can you please spread the hashtag #JerryLeeLewisIsAliveWhoKnew for me. Most people are surprised to find out that he isn't dead. How would you like it if everyone thought you were dead? Let's be nice to him and let people know he isn't dead!


Wendy said...

Oh pushaw, I'm not popular. I'm just pushy. Let Bob know that we all love his butt, huh?

sherri said...

Bob's butt and hemorrhoids,Big AL and his swollen parts, Billy and his arrow- this site will be banned yet.

Great to have you back Helen!

WE LOVE HELEN -I'm starting a WE LOVE HELEN FAN CLUB- more to come...

katdish said...


I really need to spend more quality time on the twitter (TWSS)

jasonS said...

I agree. Wendy is pushy. :) Thanks for the memories and welcome back!