Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sherri

Today is Sherri's birthday. She writes a lovely blog called Matter of Fact. She's on my blogroll. Check her out.

I first saw Sherri's blog through SCL. She had asked us to check out her questionaire about the election, so I did. She blogs about lots of things. I am not sure I can think of any other time she posted about politics. Whatever her posts, they are always from her heart, and she inspires me to share in my everyday life the same way I do on my blog...openly and honestly. Still working on it...

Anyways Sherri, I wish I had access to my real computer so I could copy and paste something flashy for you. You deserve the bells and the whistles...Unfortunately, the best I can do for you is a limerick.

In Southern Illinois lives a woman named Sherri
Whose obsession with shoes is quite scary
She likes her heels high
I cannot understand why
If I wore them, I'd fall over and die.

Happy Birthday, Sherri! I am sorry I can't copy and paste a neat video for you like you deserve.



sherri said...

I love you Helen- Thank you- I loved the Limerick!

Annie K said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!

Gabrielle Eden said...

I posted something for Sherri's birthday too!