Saturday, August 29, 2009

I Am the Wind

When I was in High School, this was my favorite poem. In fact, I think it still is at this moment...

by Zoe Akins

I am the wind that wavers,
You are the certain land;
I am the shadow that passes
Over the sand.

I am the leaf that quivers,
You the unshaken tree;
You are the stars that are steadfast,
I am the sea.

You are the light eternal,
Like a torch I shall die...
You are the surge of deep music,
I - but a cry!


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I like that. Why was it written? Do you know? Who is the "you" and who is the "I"? I could think of a couple possibilities.

sherri said...

This is beautiful Helen.

Helen said...

Elizabeth Mahlou, I actually didn't learn it in school, but from reading on my own. I never found out the author's intention. It wasn't in the book, nor on the web when I looked up the poem.
As a youngster, I appreciated how the poem seemed to describe the weakness I felt, and promise a "You" who is the strength that I am not. As a naive young girl, I expected that to be a man on day. As an adult who has grown in faith, I have come to see that the only man who could fit that is Jesus Christ, because He is God...

Sherri, isn't it? I memorized this as a young woman...It wasn't an assignment... I just wanted to... I think it was the first poem I ever memorized that wasn't a nursery rhyme, limerick, or funny poem..